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Business Model of Apple, Google and Microsoft

Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are significant companies in the tech world, who are dominating the tech world and consumer access. Even though they compete with each other regarding

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7 Amazing Ways to Write the Perfect Reflection Paper

Students studying in a particular university often get reflective paper work as their assignment. But due to a lack of expertise and time, they cannot make it perfect & eventually,

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Canadian Education Policy and It’s Impact on Education

With over ten provinces and three territories, Canada is among the world's biggest countries and ranks second when we discuss it in terms of area. With high-quality resources available within

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5 Trauma-Informed Tactics to Empower Refugee Students

'A deeply distressing and disturbing experience' is an appropriate meaning of the word trauma. In more simple terms, trauma represents an emotional response to a particular event. Of course, trauma

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Major Transitions in e-Learning with the Spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Canada

Closure look at Covid-19 outbreak! Covid sounds no less than a nightmare to the people in today’s world because we are the actual sufferers of the pandemic. Until the year

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How to Learn Ethical Hacking? Tools & Techniques to Hone your Hacking Skills

What is ethical hacking? Learn from professionals Ethical hacking basically refers to the inappropriate use of hacking techniques to find security-related loopholes in a network only with prior permission. The

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Ways to Become an Expert in Professional Writing

Students' life is full of learning and accumulating relevant experiences for further subsistence. Meanwhile, in the overall process of learning, students evolve for themselves a career that helps them to

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Tips on How to Choose an Assignment Topic

Why do you need a strategy to choose an assignment topic? An assignment plays a paramount part in the academic tenure of the students. Unlike many other tasks at the

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