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The Scottish Philosopher Adam Smith first defined the word Economics as the research of the wealth of nations. Economics is related to the subject of social science and the phrase

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How to Write a Great Project Proposal in Economics

Economics is a social science that mainly focuses on the distribution, production & consumption of goods & services. It also analyses individuals, governments, and businesses' choices to allocate resources. Students

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Why is Studying Economics Important?

Humans have unlimited demands for everything, but only a few resources are available. If there is even a little imbalance in distribution, it can create a massive problem for the

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How to write a Great Economics Project Proposal?

Writing an Economic project is very useful but always challenging; it needs time, Research, and lots of patience. Only some brilliant ones can give such a massive amount of time

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4 Points that can Help You Understand the Difference Between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

What is Economics? Economics has its name originated from the Greek word “oikonomia”, which can be further divided into two parts: Oikos, meaning home, and nomos, representing management. Economics in

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