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Define Strategic Management?

Strategic management is a way a business efficiently differentiates itself from its competitors with the help of capitalizing on its strengths while providing better value to the customers. It may sound relatively easy, but the implementation of strategic management is a big hurdle for companies out there. The aim of strategic management is to enhance a company’s positive differentiation over competitors in the target market. Strategic management is concerned with defining what the business needs to beat the competitors consistently.

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Some High-Scoring Strategic Management Assignment Writing Topics

Boards & corporate governance- 

Boards have many tasks and responsibilities. Every board’s decision must consider its consequences for employees, customers, communities, and shareholders. It relies on distinct differences in the roles between board directors or managers. Board directors don’t have to be directly involved in the daily operational tasks, and they undoubtedly shouldn’t engage in micromanaging the managerial tasks. The crucial role of directors is oversight and planning. Boards daily delegate duties to the chosen committees. 

Developing strategies- 

In today’s challenging and turbulent business environment, it is impossible to plan for every strategy making needs to be more dynamic and flexible procedures that reflect a way of thinking tactically about the business and the environment where it conducts. Organizations that are not able to think strategically will be vulnerable to threats and take advantage of fresh opportunities. It is a direction that an organization takes to achieve its future business success. 

Organizational transformation- 

It is a business strategy to make changes in management to move your organization from its current position to the desired state. The changes involve efforts focused on employee experience. Human resources and executive teams rely on change management methodologies measured by defined analysis to make a road map for the organization’s transformation. The continuous change and shift in business conditions are forcing businesses to think twice about how they operate. 

Platform ecosystem- 

Ecosystems are product platforms defined by critical components made by the platform owner by applications made by autonomous organizations in the periphery. These offer solutions comprising an enormous system of use than the authentic platform owner created and solve an essential technical issue within an industry. In the prominent firm’s product, it has solid but limited value; when used individually but substantially, enhanced in value when used with the given applications. 

Global strategy- 

It is a strategy that a company makes to expand into the global market. The objective of making a global strategy is to make more sales worldwide. This term includes international and multinational strategies. Making a global strategy helps a company in many ways, including making sales in a new market that helps you to increase brand awareness. 

Sample Questions Of Strategic Management Assignment Writing

Define ‘strategy’ and its significance for any business organization? 

The direction and scope of a business over the long term achieve an advantage for the organization through its alignment of resources in a tedious environment to meet the requirements of markets and fulfil stakeholders’ expectations. When a firm expenses its intent to acquire a future & current course of action, that is a roadmap and blueprint with clarity of targets that need to be achieved in the long term. 

In more straightforward ways, strategy is:

  • The business objective in the long run.
  • What is the business’s target market, and what kind of activities are involved in these markets?
  • What resources are required to be able to compete with competitors? 
  • What affects the organization’s ability to compete?
  • What are the expectations and values of people who have power in the business? 

Discuss the biggest hurdles for building ecosystems? 

Many companies struggle with setting up a thriving ecosystem environment based on platforms and data. The problems involved are complicated. The biggest issue with platform ecosystems is there are many things to discuss and too little effective execution. 

Vague business vision- 

Organizations can hardly envision the large-scale strategic benefits that platform ecosystems involve. In many circumstances, their desire level with platform ecosystems is relatively low, the timeline for achieving measurable financial results too short, and the roadmap towards an unclear vision. 

Infeasible business structure- 

Most companies have a hard time making a revolutionary business structure switch from an old linear one to a networked one suited for the platform ecosystem. The main goal of this is not clear. However, a business ecosystem may experience a winning launch, and it may end with an insufficient cash flow to make it viable.

Company governance blocking- 

In many cases, existing core businesses’ working rules and ways don’t help the foundation of uncertain platform ecosystem organizations. Modern networked ecosystem organization needs companies to remake their governance and mechanism to take the associated uncertainty, redefinition of value, and risks. It requires consistent adaptability, networking, as well as openness to new stakeholders or ways to do business. 

What Is The Importance Of Strategic Management?

Strategic management is a vital element of an organization that helps devise strategies that will help the organization generate revenue with sensible utilization of its available resources. It also helps in growth and achieving the objective at the deadline.


Planning is the primary tool all organizations use to build a solid strategy. The main aim behind planning is to provide insight into the company’s upcoming event and how to prepare for it. To achieve higher goals, you need strategic planning and not regular planning.

Futuristic thinking-

Thinking of the future helps organizations generate better opportunities for themselves. Learning strategic management can help you discover more techniques to make your company do well in the future. This way, it will help you make some long-term plans that will be your ultimate goals to achieve.

Allocation of resources-

A company needs to make a specific decision immediately, which calls for adjusting the available resources. While if there are already some resources stored for contingencies. It will indeed be used without making any difference in balance. Therefore, strategic management is essential.

Environmental impact-

Strategic management helps build planning and strategies that won’t affect society’s environment. Many companies have started focusing on environmental impact, so strategic planning is also crucial in this aspect. Has the importance made you realize how challenging it could be to write a strategic management assignment? If yes, hire a strategic management assignment help provider for your next strategic management assignment or homework.

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