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Strategic marketing is a term that we often hear but perhaps do not understand fully. Businesses carry out strategic marketing with a clear, well-documented strategy that guides all activities. It has a long-term nature and is the bedrock upon which all marketing judgments can be made.  Marketing strategy has a clear objective and targets it tries to achieve, but ultimately, it creates a sustainable advantage that helps the company’s future growth. Under the marketing plan, you will have specific tactical activities delivered in line. 

When we say Strategic Marketing is a key to every business, we mean it. No business can survive without Strategic Marketing. While this brings immense opportunity for every company out there, more and more students are getting into this field to learn more about it every day. But if we keep the positive aspect of Strategic Marketing aside for a while, it is hard to write Strategic Marketing assignments. “Assignments Help Lite” provides strategic marketing assignment help in Canada to thousands of Strategic Marketing students who need no. 1 assignment help.

A Strategic Marketing assignment is challenging. It needs solid research and knowledge of a topic before start writing a single word. Thousands of Strategic Marketing topics make you look confused and scared at the same time. We understand you and know what makes an excellent Strategic Marketing assignment.

Topics under strategic marketing that we cover

Relationship marketing- 

Relationship marketing is a strategy that falls under customer relationship management (CRM) that talks about customer retention, satisfaction, and customer value. Its objective is to market current customers versus new customer acquisition with the help of sales and advertising. An excellent relationship marketing strategy is rooted in building customer honesty. Benefits are increased positive word-of-mouth and repeat business. Many studies have highlighted the vitality of customer retention. Relationship marketing is a strategy that captivates deeper and more meaningful relationships with existing customers. 

Brand management- 

It is a feature of marketing that uses techniques to enhance the perceived value of the product and brand over time. Efficient brand management allows the price of products to go up and builds a loyal customer base through positive brand associations and a strong awareness of the brand that is associated with images or a strong awareness. Making a strategic plan to make brand equity or gain the value which is needed. Brands have a considerable influence on customer engagement and competition in the markets. An excellent brand presence in the market helps sell more products and services. 

Non-profit marketing- 

It is marketing that refers to activities and strategies that feast the message of the organization, as well as donations and calls for volunteers. This marketing contains the creation of slogans, logos, and copy. It also involves the development of a media campaign to figure out the organization for an outside audience. The aim of non-profit marketing is to help the organization’s ideas to get the attention of potential volunteers. It includes a broad range of activities, like mobile marketing, content marketing, and social marketing. 

Market segmentation- 

It is a method of dividing your target market into ideal groups. Market segmentation creates subsets of market-based needs, priorities, demographics, and common interests. Other psychographic and behavioural criteria were used to know the target audience. By having an idea of market segments, you can leverage this targeting in sales, product, and marketing strategies. These marketing segments can uplift your product development cycles by telling you how to make a product offering for various segments like men vs women and high-income rate people vs low-income rate people. 

Marketing distribution- 

Distribution is an element of the marketing mix. It is the process of making a product or service available for the customers or business user who needs it. This can be done directly by the service provider or a manufacturer with intermediaries and distributors. Decisions about this need to be taken into consideration by the company’s overall strategic vision and mission. 

A Strategic Marketing assignment is challenging. It needs solid research and knowledge of a topic before start writing a single word. Thousands of Strategic Marketing topics make you look confused and scared at the same time. We understand you and know what makes an excellent Strategic Marketing assignment.

Strategic marketing sample questions for students

Discuss the marketing channels for B2B companies. 

Before we dive into B2B marketing channels, let’s first understand the definition of B2B marketing. It is a marketing channel that takes place between business to business like SaaS companies, logistics companies and likewise. 

B2B channel strategy is a broad concept in the marketing world. While starting or developing your own B2B channel strategy, you must look at a B2B marketing plan example. Always remember that your audience matters. B2 B’s marketing strategies differ from country to country. A general B2B marketing strategy can be defined as B2B marketing that outlines the strategy of the organization. Within the strategy, there are other hidden strategies that cover the loopholes of the entire strategy. 

What do you understand by customer profitability analysis? 

The main goal of any business is- profitability. There are many factors that influence how sustainable it is, and the main factor is customer profitability. Measuring it is the fundamental duty of any organization, and it can be an enlightening exercise. The steps involved in customer profitability analysis are- 

  • Figure out your customer costs 
  • Define your group of customers 
  • Figure out the data 
  • Compile it together in a single format 

Explain the significant pricing strategies in strategic marketing. 

Cost-based pricing:

Cost-based pricing strategy use production costs as the base cost. A profit level must add to get the product price. Companies that run their operations on a cost-based pricing strategy use production costs as their basis. Cost-based pricing companies use their costs to find a price floor and a ceiling.

Value-based pricing:

It is also known as customer-based pricing, which means the setting of a product’s price based on the advantages it provides to consumers. Value-based pricing is all about finding the price that your customers can pay. Businesses that use value-based pricing consider the value of their product and the perspective of their customers and decide a rate accordingly. 

Competition-based pricing:

It consists of setting the price of a product on what the competition has set. This pricing method is generally used by companies selling the same products. And since services can fluctuate from business to business, the qualities of a product remain similar.

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References and Citations- 

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Strategic Marketing experts- 

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Student’s queries for Assignments help lite

1) Do Strategic Marketing assignments hard to write? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this, but according to us, Strategic Marketing research takes a lot of time. Even if you write anything about this topic, you must spend a significant amount of time conducting thorough research. Make sure you have an in-depth understanding of the subjects.

2) Is it worth outsourcing the Strategic Marketing assignment? 

Outsourcing your Strategic Marketing assignment to “Assignments Help Lite” will always be worth it. We have registered dozens of Strategic Marketing assignments for students. If you are engaged in learning different job-oriented skills and don’t want to work on your time-consuming assignments and focus on more essential things, “Assignments Help Lite” is ideal for outsourcing your assignment.

3) Do you provide a full refund? 

Yes, we do! For us, the essential element of our business is our customers, and if someone is not satisfied with the quality of an assignment, we will pay every penny back to them. Also, we offer three free modifications that can help you get precisely what you need. After successfully helping several students, we proudly claim that we provide the best strategic marketing assignment help.

4) What is the best way to write Strategic Marketing assignments? 

Understand the topic- 

We think the most important thing while writing a Strategic Marketing assignment is to understand the topic as much as possible. Understanding the issue will solve half of your assignment problem. It is crucial to think about the why, the what, and the how of your Strategic marketing topic. It needs some time, but it will always be worth it. Strategic Marketing is all about how to create different strategies to market your services. So, one should always try to understand what they are going to write.

Plan how to write-

Plan how to write a Strategic Marketing assignment because it is crucial. It plays a key role in your assignment. There are many different things to mention in an assignment. So, you should be aware of what is going to be in the assignment with the proper matter in your mind.

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3) Do you conduct proper research and proofreading before writing assignments?

People often think that once the assignment is over, the task is finished. But it is not like that. There are several things that still need to be done. While researching is a key element before starting to write your strategic marketing assignment, one of the most vital things is also- proofreading. Without doing this, there are high chances of getting hundreds of errors in the strategic marketing assignment that your faculty will notice. Assignments help lite know its value and thus provide research and proofreading experts who have been doing it for decades for students of Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Get strategic marketing assignment help quickly by just sending us a message.

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