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What is engineering?

It is an application of mathematics and science to solve problematic issues. Engineers find out how things work and find logical and practical uses for scientific discoveries. Inventors and scientists often get the credit for innovations that improve the human condition, but engineers are influential in creating those ideas available to the existing world. Most engineering jobs need at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Over the last few decades, engineering has been grown and expanded with the knowledge and understanding of science and mathematics principles. Today, engineers implement well-established principles and top-notch innovations to design, build, improve, and maintain complex devices, systems, and processes. 

Why Do You Need Engineering Assignment Help?

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Engineering topics that we cover for students


Propulsion covers propelling launchers and space vehicles that include vehicles, advanced electric systems, and chemicals. It is the study of how high-velocity gases behave, employed as an object for modernizing the design of the engine of the procedure of atmospheric ascent and re-entry. The area of propulsion and aerothermodynamics is crucial for maintaining and broadening the gateway to space. It requires extreme speed to reach orbit and accurately controlled power firing to get a mission. 

Fluid dynamics- 

Fluid dynamics is “the subbranch of applied science that is concerned with the development of liquids and gases.” It is known as the branch of fluid mechanics, which is the study of fluids and how forces influence them. Scientists across various fields study fluid dynamics as it provides methods of studying the evolution of stars, ocean currents, weather patterns, plate tectonics and blood circulation. Some crucial technological applications of fluid dynamics are wind turbines, rocket engines, air conditioning and oil pipelines. 

Carbon nanotubes- 

Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical molecules that contain sheets of single-layer carbon atoms. They can be single-walled with a diameter of 1 nanometer. With various concentrically interlinked nanotubes, it has a diameter that reaches to more than 100 nm. The length of it can reach various micrometres or millimetres. Carbon is the most copious element in the world, and depending on the arrangement of its atoms, there is a broad range of forms known as allotropes. Carbon allotropes are creative properties of electrical conductivity. 


It is a branch of physics and engineering that studies the interactions between the elastic, inertial, and aerodynamics pressure that occur while an elastic body is exposed to a fluid flow. The study of aeroelasticity may be widely classified into two zones- static aeroelasticity that deals with the static response or dynamic aeroelasticity that deals with the body’s dynamic response. Aircraft are motionless effects because they need to be lightweight and have large aerodynamics loads. These aircraft are designed to prevent the following aeroelastic issues. 

Computer-aided design-

Computer-aided design can be used to aid in design procedures. CAD software is repeatedly used by various kinds of designers and engineers. CAD software is used to make two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) versions. The main objective of CAD is to enhance and streamline the designer’s work, enhance productivity, to improve the quality and level of information in the design. Computer-aided design is frequently used in bikes with digitalized manufacturing procedures. This software is used to design products. 

Engineering sample question by our experts

Explain what combustion and energy systems are? 

A combustion-based energy system is used to run a broad range of mobile and stationary engines. Industrial companies make and manufacture specifically sizeable internal combustion engines for heavy goods vehicles, construction machinery, cargo ships, tractors and cranes, and even motors and gas turbines for generating electricity. For these kinds of applications, the storage capacity of the chemical energy can be used in the procedure of decisive benefits. 

Fossil fuels like petrol and diesel are vital energy globally. In future, fuels will be used where greenhouse gas emissions are minimal over the whole life cycle. Due to this, the combustion research conducted at colleges and universities focuses on biogenic chemical energy. 

What is Fatigue? Discuss some structures that may be subjected to fatigue? 

It can be described as the ongoing damage to a structure that happens when exposed to cyclic loading (unloading or repeated loading). Some of the structures of fatigue include: – 

  • Hydraulic presses 
  • Concrete reservoirs 
  • Aircrafts 
  • Heavily loaded bridges 
  • Pylons 
  • Turbines 
  • Burners trains 
  • Offshore platforms 
  • Transmission towers 
  • Overhead cranes 

Discuss some of the vital roof types? 

There are various kinds of roofs available. Some of the critical types of roof types are- 

  • Bell cast roof 
  • Gull wind roof 
  • Folded plate roof
  • Sawtooth roof 
  • Shed roof 
  • Gable roof 
  • Gambrel roof 
  • Half-hipped roof 
  • Dutch hip roof 

What Kind Of Engineering Assignment Help Can We Do?

Now that you understand the importance of outsourcing your Engineering assignments let’s talk about the kind of Engineering homeworks we do.

MATLAB Assignment Help

We write MATLAB assignments for Engineering students who don’t have enough time to complete their projects and need someone who is completely knowledgeable about the topic. With a team of professionals, we’ve authored dozens of MATLAB projects for a wide range of clients.

Civil Engineering Assignment Help– 

Civil engineering is more practical than theoretical, and as a result, students become bored rapidly. Because we recognize that simply writing homework is not something most Civil Engineering students like. We have civil engineering degree holders on staff who can write your Civil Engineering assignment to the highest standards.

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help-

Do you require assistance with a Chemical Engineering assignment? You’ve jumped at the exact location. Our licenced Chemical Engineering specialists understand how to write a flawless project that will increase your value. Let’s work together to make your assignment less time-consuming and more valuable.

Architecture Assignment Help– 

Architecture is a highly practical subject, and exposure to the requirements is essential for the students to write effective quality-oriented assignments. For the best architecture assignment, the students can rely on assignments help lite. Assignments help lite has architecture assignment writing experts who are learned professionals and know the concepts and theories that are to be added in the assignments to depth.

Electrical Engineering Assignment Help

Electrical engineering is one of the most diverse subjects of engineering, and 99 out of 100 students get confused with concepts vastly. We receive many enquiries from the students about the completion of their electrical engineering assignments. The writers at Assignments help lite are professionals and know the exact approaches and techniques to solve the assignment and make it better. You can always rely on assignments help lite for the completion of your engineering assignments.

We also write for different Engineering subjects like AutoCAD assignment help, Structural Engineering assignment help, Biomedical Engineering assignment help, and many more.

Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Engineering Assignment Help Online


Deadlines have been one of the biggest concerns for the students since the starting of their academic life. The university sets a deadline for the students, which they are supposed to consider for submitting assignments or homework. Because of the long-time provided to the students for completion, the university does not consider the late submission. Assignment experts at Assignments help lite understand the importance of deadlines for the students and try to deliver the assignment at the earliest possible.

Clear Communication-

While hiring someone to write your assignment, you should always have clear communication with them to help both parties with the facts. Without clear communication, there will always be confusion among the parties that end up with a bad experience. “Assignments Help Lite” always tries to keep everything transparent with its customers.

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Engineering Professionals- 

For an excellent engineering assignment writing, you should have a great knowledge of this subject. Here, we provide the most certified and specialist assignment helpers for your assignment in Canada who understand how everything works and what it takes to write a good Engineering assignment.

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Industry Expertise- 

“Assignments Help Lite” is a team of experienced online engineering assignment helper from various fields. Everyone is an expert in their field and subject. We understand the importance of experience; thus, we work hard to find the best writer for your project who is familiar with the subject area.

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