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A nursing care plan is a formal structure or procedure that is used to recognize the existing needs and the potential risks associated with the well-being of the patient. A nursing care plan is of paramount importance for making a proper and well-planned strategy for a patient’s timely recovery. It includes various steps like data collection or assessment, data analysis or organization, formulating diagnoses, and setting priorities. The primary objective of a nursing care plan includes defining the roles of the nurse, continuity of care, documentation, and many more we get back to it in the latter part of the assignment.

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Understanding A Nursing Care Plan

An NCP or nursing care plan contains an overview of the overall health profile of the patients. The immediate objective of a nursing care plan is to understand the preliminary status of the patients’ health and plan the recovery procedure accordingly. Students enlisted in this discipline are well equipped with the procedures necessary to make an efficient nursing care plan. It incorporates topics like mental health, chronic illness, and case studies strictly relevant to health care. Certainly, with the advent of technology, getting nursing care plan homework help online is just a click away from you. The main aim of including such topics here is to familiarize you with some of the most frequently asked questions, and explaining the Components of a nursing care plan is one of them. Such questions need a very straightforward answer but with a precise understanding. It would be recommended to explain it step-by-step, starting with Assessment to structuring a plan.

Components of Nursing Care Plan:

  • Assessment
  • Diagnoses
  • Outcomes
  • Nursing interventions or orders
  • Evaluation

Nursing Care Plan Assignment Topics and Questions Asked by Renowned Universities

Person-Centred Care: It refers to an approach that provides utmost importance to the factors that are associated with a patient, their family, and caretakers. This approach does not provide space for making assumptions rather than identifying specific factors related to the patient. There are certain principles related to person-centred care, including aspects like dignity, compassion, respect for the patient, coordinated and personal care for the patient and many more.

Risk Diagnosis: Making a well calculated and proficient judgment on the vulnerabilities found in the patients. In most cases, risk diagnosis is directly linked to studying symptoms shown by the patient. Topics usually asked in the nursing care plan assignment includes Analyzing assessment data, Performing data analysis, Hypothesis making procedure, and the Difference between Nursing diagnoses and Medical diagnoses. Do cover types of nursing diagnoses to gain an extra edge over others.

Health Promotion Diagnosis: Health and promotion diagnoses can be considered as the type of risk diagnosis that is usually performed by the nursing staff to make a health assessment of the patient. It involves two factors, P and S.’ P’ stands for problem, i.e., statement of patient response. ‘S’ stands for signs and symptoms, i.e., the patient expressed desires to know more about his/her health status.

Syndrome Diagnosis: There are certain conditions that give rise to the characteristics of a specific disease or can grow into a specific disease. This set of characteristics can be termed as syndromes. Students often get confused over the definitions of syndrome, symptoms, and a disease. However, there are tons of syndromes, and it is nearly obligatory to understand them from the basics if you are trying to score well in the examinations.

Pain management: Understanding the causes of pain and how pain affects the body is the basic points of interest in this topic. However, lots of questions are asked in the assignments that are associated with Pain Management Strategies, including Medicines, Physical therapies, Psychological therapies, Mind and Body techniques, and most importantly, Community support.

REEPIG standards: Assuring care of the highest standards, REEPIG was suggested by Hogston in 2011. REEPIG is an acronym for:

R- Realistic

E- Explicitly stated

E- Evidence-based

P- Prioritized

I- Involve

G- Goal centered

Maternal and New-born Care Plans: Nursing care plans are specifically associated with the procedure followed while caring for a pregnant mother and the new-born infant. More sub-plans are associated with labor & delivery, Caesarean birth, Obstetric nursing, and Placenta previa. Students are advised to make an overview of the topics related to the maternal and new-born care plan, like Postpartum thrombophlebitis nursing care plan, Prenatal haemorrhage nursing care plan, prenatal substance dependence nursing care plan, and many more.

Types of nursing care plan: As mentioned above, a nursing care plan is a systematically defined structure that must be followed by the nursing professional to ensure full-fledged mental and physical recovery of the patient. A Formal nursing care plan is a standard nursing care plan that shows the client’s medical details as well as his/her medical history. The main objective of almost all the care plans is to systematically approach the patient’s medical status and make a flawless recovery strategy. Individualized and Standardized care plans come under a formal care plan. However, execute an extensive examination on various aspects related to devising a perfect care plan and its various types, including Informal nursing care plan, Standardized care plan, and Individualized nursing care plan.  

Methods for determining goals for nursing diagnosis.

Due to its practical implementations, the objectives of a nursing care plan are one of the most searched queries in the assignments. Students can find various assignments, case studies, and full-length essays associated with this topic. To provide you with a better insight into the topic, some of the objectives are explained below:

  • It is crucial in demarcating the role fulfilled by a nursing professional that stands paramount for the overall well-being of the patient.
  • It allows the nursing staff to deliver personal attention to the patients with specific requirements and needs particular intervention.
  • It helps in accurately documenting and recapitulating the patient’s current condition and recovery rate.
  • It also helps in examining existing strategies and provides scope for their further development.
  • Another usefulness of a nursing care plan is that it attempts to involve the patient in its own recovery procedure.
  1. Evaluating the progress and change a nursing care plan demands?
  2. Fundamentals of the nursing care plan?

Explain the structure followed in a nursing care plan?

Often nursing care consists of four sections, including diagnoses, outcomes/goals, nursing interventions, evaluation. These sections can be interchanged according to the needs and development or according to the institute’s procedural framework.

Assessment: Assessment is the first step for assessing a patient’s overall health status. In this step, data collection is the most important task performed by the nursing staff. It also helps in conducting risk diagnosis procedures. The core point in these assessments includes understanding patient health history, physical assessment, studying their medical records, etc.

Nursing diagnosis: The risks or complications that can be managed by proper nursing interventions are considered under nursing diagnosis. Formulating a nursing diagnosis can be very crucial for students as it has a high chance of appearing in the examinations.

Planning/ outcomes: After completing the diagnosis and assessment procedure, planning the outcomes can be the next step for devising a fool proof recovery plan for the patient. In the case of a patient with cardiac problems, planning for desired consequences can change the course of the medical treatment. Reviewing the cardiac output, airways clearance, and respiratory rates within 12 to 16 breaths per minute can be decisive in evaluating the plan.

Implementation: Every strategy is nearly incomplete until it is implemented in the right manner. Selecting the proper nursing intervention is likewise very crucial and comes under the implementation section. Nursing interventions can also be classified into Independent Nursing Intervention, Dependent Nursing Intervention, And Collaborative Nursing Intervention.

Evaluation: The most decisive part of the nursing care plan is that it allows health care professionals to review the current conditions, current nursing interventions, and outcomes. It can be decisive in checking the progress of patient recovery and the continuation of the current nursing care plan.

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