Business Model of Apple, Google and Microsoft


Business Model of Apple, Google and Microsoft

Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are significant companies in the tech world, who are dominating the tech world and consumer access. Even though they compete with each other regarding hardware, operating system, application, advertising, and web browsing, they always take a different approach from an organisational & as well as philosophical approach.

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Key Takeaways

As of Jan 2022, the total cap of the AAPL is around $2.61 trillion, and even Microsoft beat Apple and become the biggest company in the world whose main strength is the cloud computing business. But the market cap of Microsoft has fallen to $2.17 trillion and this process is continuous.

  1. As of now in the year 2021, Apple & Microsoft are the two most important companies in the world which we call the most valuable companies.
  2. Both companies have market cap of $2.61 trillion, but now Microsoft is $1.7 trillion.
  3. The business model of apple is depend upon the consumer-centric devices as well as innovations. They can keep their market due to new product design & marketing.
  4. Microsoft built its empire on software like Windows & office suite. But now they are also releasing their devices to compete with apple.
  5. Both the companies are running differently having different visions, and they are very successful, and also known in their respective industry perspective.

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The Apple Business Model

The founder of Apple is Steve Jobs, and he is one of them who come up with the latest ideas and innovations. Due to his contribution, apple has reached new heights. But unfortunately, he was fired from his company in 1985.

But eventually, he turned back in 1997 – After Steve Jobs returned to the company, it returned to relevance and added multiple sub-industries.

In the year 2001, the company also released the iPod, a pocket-sized device which can have at least or hold 1000 songs. After a few years, Apple released its phone by the name iPhone 2007. Take the best business assignment help to know more about it.

To make users addicted to their products, they continue to advance their technology and integrate all the products efficiently, making the apple products continuously in demand; this is known as the “Apple Ecosystem Lock”.

The company’s success lies in the hand of the iPhone only; almost half of its revenue comes from the iPhone itself. No innovation has been introduced in the company since the former CEO Steve Jobs died, and new CEO Tim Cook has come into its chair.

Cook has done an excellent job by reaching the stocks of Apple’s all-time high. So this is a small story of the Apple Company started by Steve Jobs. You can always take the best Business homework help in Canada to understand it better.

Business Model of the Microsoft

For years, Microsoft has control over the computer industry & apple was not even its comparative. Even before Google came into the picture, web browsing dominated the market. Due to Google, Microsoft has dropped out of Internet explorer and other businesses.

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If we take Microsoft as a company, the first & most important thing is their licensing fees which are taken as their licensing fees for the windows operating system. Also, the Microsoft suite has provided a lot of money to the company.

After getting competition from Apple and Google, Microsoft unveiled a new version in April 2014. You can ask for business assignment help to know more about it.

This new version is to make windows more competitive with the I-pad user; some Microsoft products are successful, highlighted by surface pro and Microsoft surface. Both devices have battled Apple products like the I-pad.

After some time, the company realised that paid software is more difficult to sell in the age of low-cost alternatives. Because PCs can be easily replace by phones and tablets. The new business model of Microsoft was replaced by its new CEO, Satya-Nadella, who did more on the cloud computing business.

He also introduced a new Premium software package. Microsoft wants customers to be more fixated & engaged with the products. Seek the best Business homework help to know more about it.

Google Business Model

Web – advertisements & search engine is the primary revenue source of Google. Google is one of many that give free services, there are others as well, but only a few can do it successfully. This search engine did not initially cost anything to the user. They collect the data & then sell the buyers to anyone on the planet.

Every marketing firm wants this data & wants to buy their services. Due to this, organisations have become better & better at targeting a specific audience. Google also gives its users free space to add anything, but in recent years, they started charging some money for a particular amount.

This free model is not just profitable but can disrupt Microsoft & apple. While Microsoft & Apple are trying to find the most innovative methods or tools for earning, Google is happy to give free services to its users.

For example,

Google never charge for android in the USA, which is one of the main reasons manufacturers are shifting their bases to the USA. Some of the popular free apps given by Google are Google Docs, Google sheets etc. which are destructive for windows. For more such examples, get the best Business homework help to know more about it.

Now, we will discuss the six essential elements of the Google Business Model

Searching Services

  • It is easy for its customers.
  • Provide overall better experience & lessons.
  • It also enhances the user’s ability.

2. Google Advertising Service

  • Provide the layouts of the advertising and also provide accurate specifications.
  • Also, help companies to reach their potential customers.
  • Self-controlled service program.

3. Network Strategy

  • Sales of Product & mix.
  • Promote commercial products.
  • Also, establish alliances which are based on complementary abilities.

4. Cooperation & Core technology

  • Also, build cooperation relations.
  • Powerful computing technology.

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