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What Is Accounting?

It is the record of the financial transactions where you can store, retrieve, summarize, and present the results in various reports and analyses. Accounting is also a piece of study and profession. Accounting, also known as accountancy, is the processing and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic entities. It can be divided into various fields like- financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, and cost accounting. It has existed in different forms and levels of sophistication during human history. The accounting system we use today was developed in medieval Europe. Accounting firms generally audit financial statements.

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Some Common Topics Of Accounting Assignment Writing

Cash basis accounting- 

An accounting system identifies revenues and expenses when they are exchanged. Businesses handle their expenses and income while receiving payment or when they pay for an expense. It doesn’t consider income from credit accounts. The cash system is used by individuals and SMBs that deal with cash exclusively. It is not acceptable to accounting principles and the international financial reporting standards. 


Depreciation generally has two meanings- first, the current decrease of the fair value of an asset, such as decreasing the value of factory equipment every year as it is used and worn. Second, the accounting statements allocations of the actual cost in periods where the assets are used. Thus, it decreases the asset value and the method used to reallocate or the cost of a tangible asset. Organizations depreciate long-term assets for both tax and accounting purposes. The decrease in asset value affects the balance sheet of the firm. 

Employee audit benefit plan-

The audit is a crucial feature in the procedure of establishing credibility and assurance that your employee benefit plan is following applicable laws and regulations. An employee audit plan includes the examination of financial statements that a third party provides to the DOL. The key focus of an EBP audit is to excellently gauge the ability of the plan to recover current and future advantages and payments. These exceptional factors include- 

  • Regulations of the internal revenue service 
  • Audit requirements & special reporting 
  • Natural plan operations 
  • Federal laws 

Project administrator- 

As a project administrator, you need to have executive solid administrative skills and experience in financial budgeting and reporting. It is a professional who organizes the required team members and specializes in facilitating, analyzing, reporting under the supervision of a project manager. You must plan the financial budget requirement for the project. Monitoring the increment of the project and acknowledging team suggestions is a crucial thing to consider. 

Sample Questions For Accounting Assignment Writing

Why do we prepare bank reconciliation statements? 

With its definition of a bank reconciliation statement, you may wonder why bank transactions recorded in the accounting books don’t match the bank statement? There are many causes, and some of them are here listed below: 

  • Issued cheques that are not cleared in the bank
  • Cheque deposited and cheque credited date differentiation 
  • The cheque received or issued is not presented in the bank for clearance
  • Banks may make mistakes in crediting and debiting the transactions 
  • Bank charges, interests are not accounted for any reason
  • You can make errors in accounting the bank transaction. 

What is the concept of the accounting equation? 

The accounting equation also called the balance sheet equation, represents the relationship between the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity of an individual or business. It is expressed as furthermore. It’s the base of the double-entry accounting system. For every transaction, the total debits equalize the total credits. 

Assets= Liabilities + Equity 

A= L+E 

Assets= Stockholder equity + Liabilities 

a= oe + l 

In incorporations, capital represents the equity of stockholders. Since each business transaction impacts at least two or more companies’ accounts, the accounting equation will always be “in balance.” 

Explain what is accounting information systems?

An accounting information system is a method to track an enterprise’s accounting and business activity. It mainly consists of 6 key components. We are going to cover this in more detail below. 

AIS people- 

AIS people are the system users. It helps various departments within the organization of the company work together. Experts who need to use an organization’s AIS have- 

  • Accountants 
  • Business analysts 
  • Consultants 
  • Auditors 
  • Managers 
  • Chief financial officers

Procedures and instructions- 

The AIS procedures and instructions are the methods for collecting, retrieving, and processing data. These methods are both automated and manual. The data can be taken from both internal resources.

AIS data- 

An AIS has a structure to store information like structured query language, which is a language customarily used for databases. It allows the data in the AIS to be controlled and retrieved for the purpose of reporting. 

The data included in an AIS is based on the nature of the organization, but it consists of the following- 

  • Customer billing statements 
  • Sales analysis reports 
  • Purchase requisitions 
  • Tax information 
  • Timekeeping 
  • Inventory information 
  • Ledger

Various Types Of Accounting Assignment Help

We do all types of accounting assignments help for students at the most affordable rates.

Cost Accounting Assignment Help– 

Cost accounting, also known as Managerial accounting and writing an efficient assignment, demands the student to have appropriate knowledge of the subject. Assignment writers at assignments help lite can help the students write the best concepts and theories of the subject well by curating grade-oriented assignments.

  • Activity-based costing 
  • Standard cost accounting 
  • Process costing 
  • Project accounting 
  • Cost-volume-profit analysis

Finance Assignment Help

Everybody gets riddled with complex financial accounting, and it is very hard to focus on creating these assignments. Outsource your financial accounting assignment help and get an expert to get them done.

  • Security and privacy of data 
  • The emergence of Fintech companies
  • Re-thinking the concept of money 
  • Budgeting and investing 
  • Debt

Tax Accounting Help

If you find Tax accounting difficult, do not worry; you are not the only one. These assignments demand a lot of time which is a very big deal for the students because of the hectic schedule at the university. The students are always suggested to outsource their Tax accounting assignment to an expert for better results.

  • Tax management consulting 
  • Transfer pricing 
  • Tax transformation 
  • Multistate tax

MYOB Assignment Help

We provide assignment assistance to students who don’t know much about the subject. This task needs a good understanding of MYOB software, and the best suggestion for the students, in this case, shall be to outsource the MYOB assignment from someone who has a good knowledge of MYOB. Assignment writers at assignments help can indeed help you get the best of the MYOB assignments.

Managerial Assignment Help

Managerial accounting, also known as Management accounting, is a lengthy subject in itself. If you need someone to do your administrative assignment task that saves your time, then you can approach assignment experts at assignments help lite.

  • Job order costing 
  • Process costing 
  • Operational budgeting 
  • Activity-based costing 
  • Standard costing

Auditing Assignment Help

Assignments help lite has a unit of certified Audit experts who know how to make compelling Audit assignments in the least time to get the assignment done before the deadline.

  • External audits 
  • Internal audits 
  • Internal revenue service (IRS)
  • Compliance audit 
  • Information system audit

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Writing An Accounting Assignment:

It should be 100% error-free-

It is essential to know that while writing an accounting assignment, the concepts and theories shall be accurately explained. Students can’t make mistakes in accounting projects as they are more on the practical side and lesser on the theoretical side. A few errors can worsen the overall quality of the assignment.

Accounting takes time- 

Accounting assignment writing takes a huge amount of time as it has a lot of practical sums that are to be solved analytically by the students. Never rush while doing accounting, or there are high chances of mistakes. These assignments take time, and we understand that too. We at assignments help lite have assignment helpers on board who write projects and have an eye for detail about every single thing.

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