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Marketing Assignment

Marketing is a strategic discipline and art of attracting customers to make good profits. Marketing can be termed as a process of circulating information of any product in the market. It refers to making people aware of the product its benefits and creating a need in the common public for that product. Companies use marketing to reach a wider audience and make more people familiar with the product, the brand, and the service. Marketing is a set of functions such as planning, product development, packaging, distribution, pricing, customer service, and evaluation of it all. It is the process of reaching out to a wider audience in a creative way and promoting the product. Marketing consists of all the tactics that a company needs to be successful and grow in the market. Different concepts in marketing while writing the assignments include:

Marketing Mix

This includes a mix of 7 Ps of the market, which directly or indirectly impacts and affects the working of the business. The 7 Ps include the product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, and the process. These are termed essential terms in marketing as they affect the working of the business as a whole. The marketing mix needs to be appropriately evaluated in the assignments by the student to prove their learning. This concept looks uncomplicated, but at the same time, it includes deep research and evaluation of the techniques, which shall be done by the students while writing the assignments.

Ansoff Matrix

Students pursuing marketing are well aware of the Ansoff matrix concept. This matrix is created keeping into consideration the growth of a particular product or service in the market. The ANSOFF matrix includes four columns such as product plan, diversification, market penetration, and market development. Ansoff matrix is created to analyze the natural position of the product and the avenues of development for the brand.

Marketing Plan

The main aim behind the student’s studying marketing is to learn to market products. The marketing plan is one of the essential parts of the marketing assignment. The marketing plan is the one that strategizes the working and popularizing of a product in the market. The marketing plan includes all the domains that are required to be covered by the marketers while marketing a product. The marketing plan includes the external and internal environment analysis, the SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, STP analysis, Action plan, financial plan, etc.

  • Referencing

All the assignments written for academic purposes require good referencing. There are millions of references and articles available online for the students to rely on for gathering information. The students are not professionals; hence they lack practice, experience, and the ability to reference the assignments effectively. The university judges the student’s excellence based on the referencing done by them; hence it is mandatory for the students to perform the referencing part efficiently. The students are not aware of the latest styles and methods of referencing (which keep upgrading from time to time). Failing to reference appropriately leads the students to lose grades. The improper referencing also impacts and affects the overall quality of the assignment written by the students.

  • Structure

The structure of the marketing assignment needs to be definite and decisive. The proper explanation of the entire concepts and the theories shall be done hierarchically for the readers to understand the plan well. Structure plays an essential role in the quality addition of the assignment as readability decides whether the assignment is according to the standards of the university or not. Often the students do not add enough theories in the assignments that should be mandatorily discussed and end up missing important topics. The university needs full disclosure of the students’ learning and expects the students to add all the required theories and concepts in the assignment. To get the best grades on your marketing assignments, contact us now! 

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most common issues with students pursuing marketing. Many students take up marketing as their prime subject as a prevalent subject. This way, the number of assignments written by the students increases, which also increases the chances of plagiarism in the assignments. The students are not aware of what is already submitted to the university and end up writing plagiarized assignments. The assignment experts at assignments help lite are vastly experienced and subject writing experts in Canada; hence, they know the exact approach to writing plagiarism-free assignments. By taking marketing assignment assistance from assignments help lite students can rest assured of getting high-quality and plagiarism-free assignments.

  • Professional writing

Students are not professionals and hence are not aware of the university standards and the way of writing considered by the university. There are specific standards and methods of writing that the university considers rewarding marks. This is why the students need professional marketing assignment help. The professional assignment writers at assignments help lite are able to add a professional touch to the assignments.

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