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Python is one of the most popular and high-level programming languages, first introduced in 1980. It has started getting popular amongst users in recent years. This is a vast language and can execute small projects to large ones. Python includes many object-oriented functions that have similar qualities to the PERL. The programmers use this to provide HTML content on-site with text files.

Users prefer using python for developing various applications and was created by Guido Van Rossum. The programming language helps and escorts the user to complete all the tasks efficiently and effectively. The syntax is critical in the subject as it is simple and expressive, which all the programmers use to express their concepts and shortcodes. The language is highly portable and flexible for running different UNIX, MAC, and LINUX programs.

Many times, python is used as a scripting language in many non-scripting contexts. The language provides the freedom to the programmer to craft an object-oriented program both on small and large scales. The best memory and dynamic system type management is the language that supports functional and imperative programming.

Python has many features, yet it is extensible and used by developers. The massive set of available libraries in python allows the programmers to run the code in different operating systems, which makes it the best and the most preferred choice by the developers. The programs that are a part of python can be incorporated into other applications to offer an interface. For example, the different programming languages can use the python libraries to develop applications for the best interface.

There have been many programs developed with the help of the language. One of the most popular and common applications made using python is YouTube.  YouTube works on the design philosophy that highlights code readability. Alongside everything, the high syntaxes also help the developers to express their concepts in just a few lines.

Python Focuses on Some Essential Features Such As:

Ease of learning: Learning, analyzing, and evaluating python is considered a comparatively easy deal than others’ as the syntax and coding of the language is effortless yet unique and result-oriented.

Interpretation: The interpretation stands as one of the most straightforward tasks to do while learning python as the user or the developer and right away run the source code without compiling or executing the data.

Object-oriented: Python is a language that is specifically focused on the object and is developed with entities that comprise the data.

High-level language: The language is a very high-level and focused language wherein the user does not need to rely on and give much attention to how to manage the program’s memory; instead, the program does it.

Vast library: As discussed earlier, the library available in python is huge and extensively helpful for the user to perform various tasks like unit testing, writing expression, web browsing, HTML, and XML.

Why Students Choose Python?

Python is a fascinating subject and a language on its own that focuses on delivering the most to the students and interests the students to take up a subject to enhance their knowledge, learnings, and skills.

It has good learning and development opportunities in the future for the students learning the language, and hence most of the students are focused on taking up python as their main subject of study. The language is comparatively easy to understand, use and execute also opens doors to many other languages and vast knowledge of many other coding practices.

Key Challenges Faced by Students While Writing Python Assignments

1. Complexity in the coding terms: Coding is one of the most challenging tasks to be accomplished by the student in learning, applying, and executing the codes is a very complex task in reality. The coding ideologies and theories are vast and immense, making it tedious and complicated for the students to learn and remember all of them. The coding turns up to be a highly complex task.

2. Challenging codes in python: The learning of the codes only becomes meaningful for the users when the results are visible and easily visible in the practices made by the user. The language codes are vast and burdensome to understand and evaluate for the students. When students are unable to understand and analyze the codes, they fail to learn and apply them in real life.

3. High plagiarism risk: Being a prevalent subject, plagiarism is a massive risk in the students’ assignments. Hence, this stands as a challenge to remove all plagiarism and generate fully plagiarism-free assignments for the student.

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