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Marketing is the process of advertising and selling products to the market. The main aim of marketing is to popularize the product and bring it into the eyes of the consumers. Marketing involves various benefits to the company such as competitive advancement, customer engagement, increasing interest, etc. The marketing function of the company plays a significant role in the market value and positioning of the company and the popularity and increased demand of the products. Marketing has various roles such as branding, advertising, internet, social media activation, product, research, and strategy.

There exist various functional departments in the company except for the marketing department, such as the human resource department, finance department, and production department. All these departments are interrelated and play equal importance in the overall goal achieving of the company.

The functions of marketing mainly include:

  1. What do the customers want?
  2. At what price?
  3. In what quantity?
  4. When do they want it?
  5. Why do they want it?
  6. What kind of advertisement would they like to see and whatnot.
  7. What attracts them the most?

The roles and responsibilities of the marketing department in terms of the marketing environment of a business include the segmentation of the market, strategizing of the market, market information system, etc.

Another essential concept in the marketing plan includes the marketing mix. Marketing mix involves the set of actions used by a company to promote its products in the market. The marketing mix has mainly four elements that are interconnected and affect each other. These are used to make plans for the company to increase its performance. The marketing mix is a very complex process that requires a lot of planning and brainstorming. A fault in even a single step would lead the whole plan to failure. The marketing mix mainly includes the 7P’s that are the people, product, place, price, promotion, physical evidence, and the process. The marketing mix creates an overall structure of the plan of marketing which gets helpful for the businesses to market the product.

What Is a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan includes all the essential plans that a business must use for marketing the organization’s products. A marketing plan is nothing but a structure that helps the organization plan its advertising strategies. The companies need to market and popularize their business among the customers. Hence, the main aim behind developing a marketing plan is to generate brand awareness and increase the overall sales of the company’s products.

The marketing plan includes all the market analysis and a developed, evaluated study of the market, which helps the organization plan their further activities better.

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