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Privacy Policy

Individual Data Deletion Request

To erase information that has been gathered on the site, you need to round out the Personal Data Deletion Request and send it to the official email Of Business Assignment Help. In the solicitation, you need to express your full lawful name, address, telephone number, and email used to join the site to recognize your account. You need to explain why you need your information erased and a summary of the data you are explicitly mindful of that the organization measures and holds. On the off chance that you require information you are unaware of erased from the framework, you also need to state it in the authority letter.

Changes and Development

Since getting the best assignment experience for you is perhaps our most prominent condition, we are constantly working on our site to create the usefulness of our services as far as quality and security for all clients. In this way, the odds are good that our strategies might be changed and worked on over the long haul too. Along these lines, in case you are stressed over how your private information is appropriated, we prescribe you to check the Privacy Policy page now and again to stay focused on ongoing changes. We urge you to be profound and use all the reliable security intended to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. In particular, you ought not to convey your private information while talking with your writer, just as logging out if you interface with any open organizations or use gadgets that are likewise utilized by others. If there are any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you are free to contact us.

Regarding money-back guarantee

With our policy of maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rate, we appreciate your request for a refund. The refund will only be awarded if you receive a failure grade in that subject. All your money will be processed into your Assignments help lite’s wallet, which can be used in further orders. You can expect a refund once all the original grade sheets are verified by our support staff. While reviewing the case, our customer support staff will also keep the make sure that the information or project requirements provided by the clients were sufficient to write a quality assignment or not.

There are certain cases where you may find yourself ineligible for a refund.

  • In case of partial payment, i.e., some amount of the order value is still pending.
  • The deadlines provided by our clients are less than or equal to 72 hrs.
  • Submitting relevant documents for verification after 60 days.
  • The time frame of 60 days is counted from the date of delivery. The date on which the assignment solution was uploaded on the portal will be considered the delivery date.
  • We provide a refund if the request has been made on the Assignments help lite’s official portal. Any other request made through social media, or any other mail will not be entertained.

Revision Policy:

Following our goal of achieving 100% client satisfaction, our clients can ask for free improvements if they are not satisfied with the quality or want any particular change in the assignments. Any request for revision or modification will be free of cost but comes with certain conditions. Any revision request must be placed before the delivery of the assignment and its deadline.

  • It is recommended that clients must provide all the relevant information and details to the assigned writer, which can be crucial to making a quality assignment.
  • Our clients must keep a check on the progress of the assignment. It will help them in filing a modification request before the delivery.
  • Any modification request is filled after 15 days from the delivery of the assignment. The date on which the assignment solution gets uploaded will be considered the date of delivery.
  • A client can order free modifications up to 3 times (maximum).
  • A request for the addition of new content or asking for new requirements that were not present in the initial order will be considered a new order, and it will not be counted as a modification.
  • Any request for modification must be submitted on the official portal of the website. It will help us in considering your request as a top priority.
  • Assignments help lite will not be answerable for any delay caused due to modification requests.

Certain limits may be applicable on the modification request associated with the type of assignments ordered. Any revision request must not be considered for lengthy assignment formats like dissertation, research, or thesis or has a word limit of more than 4000 words. Any free correction appeal is not valid on the orders of the project, which are associated with the technical subjects. It involves but is not restricted to engineering subjects, mathematics assignments, and software-based tasks. It involves but is not restricted to python, XERO, MATLAB, C++, Java, etc. Assignments help lite preserve the right to make any change in the existing modification/ revision policy. It will be based on the exclusive discretion of the administration, and we are not bound to provide prior notice to any user.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand the significance of client satisfaction, including even a cancellation request. Every request for the cancellation of the order will be positively responded to by our customer support executive but with specific terms and conditions.

  • Clients must present a request for cancellation within 24 hrs of placing the order. Requests filed after the deadline will not be considered in any condition.
  • We do not entertain any cancellation requests in case of packed submission dates or deadlines. If the deadline is less than 72 hrs (3 days), we will not consider a cancellation.
  • Our policy towards order cancellation follows a specific structure, including a 25% deduction within 3 hrs and a 50% deduction after 3 hrs from ordering the assignment. The remaining amount will be submitted to the wallet, which can be utilized for orders requested in the near future.
  • The maximum timeframe for utilizing the wallet amount will be 90 days from the date of transfer. After these 90 days timeframe, the balance will be considered as the lapsed amount.

Cookies Policy:

Clients can choose to be notified by their programs about each time a document is sent. Additionally, they can tail off the cookies through program settings. After this, in any case, there might be a few components and capacities on our site that will be restricted or inaccessible. You will want to put orders notwithstanding the cookies strategies you have chosen. We use cookies for factual purposes like dissecting traffic, socioeconomics, client movement on the site, etc. It assists us with reviewing the market and enhances the quality of the help we give here at Assignments help lite. In addition, we use cookies to comprehend and recall the inclinations you have for your future visits.

Copyright Infringement:

We do follow a strict copyright infringement policy. Assignments help lite own the copyright and other intellectual property rights for content on our portal, including creative content, sounds, texts, images, etc.

We have taken suitable and strict measures to ensure the complete protection of our material, content, infographics, images, sounds, texts, etc. Any sort of copy-paste from our web pages to any sort of electronic medium will invite legal actions within appropriate rules and regulations.

If any person, entity, or firm is recognized as violating our terms and conditions will be banned from utilizing our assistance. Any habitual offender, even after a warning, try to do the same will invite legal action.

How can you report any copyright infringement? 

We have already assured you that not all content on our portals, like specific images, sound, or text, is the property of Assignments help lite. If any person, firm, or company finds any content infringing their copyrights, they are free to contact. We ensure full cooperation from our side.

Academic Integrity:

The sole aim of this service is to assist students in making their academic life more fruitful and worthy. The academic phase of a student’s life is associated with many responsibilities that can define their future plans and can be helpful in enhancing their career graphs. However, we do not promote any sort of unethical and short-cut way that negatively impacts students. Our sole purpose is to make learning a more fun task.

  • We strive hard to help students understand the fundamentals of the subject by providing quality and well-researched content. All our efforts are pivoted towards developing a learning character in students.
  • All our professional writers have adequate subject expertise and are capable enough of making assignments strictly according to the university guidelines. They are also competent enough in choosing reliable and authentic sources while writing the content.
  • Also, we try to make student’s life a bit easier by offering the suggestions and directions that can generate in them the quality of research and investigation.
  • Assignments help lite does not contemplate any sort of mishandling or replication of our content in form or in any way.

We ultimately believe in preserving the purity of education.

We do not support academic wrongdoing in any form. We do not accept any sort of misuse or duplicity of our content like:

  • For completing any homework or educational assignment, copying half or full part of our study materials.
  • Broadcasting or publishing of our ant copyrighted work.
  • Other than achieving conceptual clearness and knowledge, using our study material for any other objective.
  • For offering any part of our material in your name/ faking any original work in any organization.

All the study material we offer is original and free of copied or plagiarized content. We have sufficient copyright and documentation of every work presented on the portal. Also, we are very strict in providing adequate credits and citations for any author’s work used in the study material.

Payment Policy:

The payment amount conveyed by our customer support executive at the time of the order request would be considered the final amount subjected to any further request submitted by the client regarding the same order.

  • The charges or payments noted as the service and the value-added services on the portal ( are in Dollars.
  • The currency derivative for the Assignments help lite wallet is the Dollar.
  • We accept payments in currencies including the Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EU), UAE Dirham, Indian Rupees (INR), Malaysian Ringgit, and Singapore Dollar. Clients wishing to make payment in any currency other than the currencies mentioned above, we are always ready for that too.

Methods of payments:

As mentioned in our responsibilities, we strive hard to make your experience even better than earlier. For your comfort, we have offered various payment alternatives to our clients. We have managed to make available different online payment options and a payment gateway for smoothing your experience. Any other payment methods other than those already mentioned on the website must be communicated to the customer support staff before making the final payment.

Partial payments:

In the case of partial payments, the completed work will not be provided until the full payment is made. We can offer a sample of the order in the form of screenshots that can assist you in making a final assessment of the work done on your project. Assignments help lite is not responsible for uploading final work in case of partial payments. Also, we do not entertain any revision, cancellation, or refund request in cases of partial payments.

Duplicate payments:

In case of double deduction occurring due to technical reasons or in case of payment failure, full cooperation will be offered to the clients from our side. After submitting substantial proof of payment deduction to the management, the amount deducted will be transferred to the client’s account. Assignments help lite does not take responsibility for any sort of payment failure from the side of banks.

Help desk for payments:

Being the best assignment writing service, we have made ourselves available for you. We encourage newer ideas and improvements suggested by our clients. Every change or suggestion recommended by our clients gets considered. For any issue related to the project, you can register your request on the portal, or you can also email us at:

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