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As the name suggests, conflict management is quite a complex subject to deal with. It’s an activity used by managers to resolve the organization’s conflicts optimally. It can also be used to manage conflict, and it’s a skill that requires time and practice to master. Conflict management can be seen as a process where conflict goes for the decision that is beneficial for every stage of the organization. Are you a conflict management student who finds writing a conflict management assignment hard? We can feel your struggle. Writing about something complex and an extensive study is not easy, and you might need conflict management assignment help. Are you looking for someone who understands conflict management inside out? Then Assignments help lite is an ideal destination for you in Canada. We have provided assignment writing services to thousands of students and understand the value of an excellent assignment and how to write one for you.

Styles of conflict management

Mainly, there are 3 styles of conflict management that are mentioned below:


The compromising type is generally used by a bunch of managers while making decisions. It’s a style that involves trying to meet between two next-level complex situations. It becomes more crucial as it allows both sides to find something familiar that they agree for. This idea has its disadvantage too. While it produces a result, these results may not be usable. It requires time to make this approach practical.


Managers with high levels of intelligence use collaborating. It consists of working together towards problem-solving rather than aggressively trying to meet individual goals. It has its own advantages and disadvantages to this same approach. The main advantage is as managers are focusing on working together instead of competing, it makes a smooth process. On the other hand, there might be hurdles if both parties couldn’t trust each other about doing things. This approach requires less confrontation among conflicting parties.


It’s a conflict management style that focuses on the difference between parties involved in the conflict. This is typically used by managers with a lower level of maturity while doing better jobs than others. It demands constant attention to what is going on between the main parties. When an individual manager uses this style through leadership skills, the element of disadvantage is creating an environment where people of the organization will be unwilling to share their ideas and knowledge.

Strategies in conflict management

Define acceptable behavior: 

Defining acceptable behavior means before any hint of a conflict, you can eliminate the potential problems by making a standard of behavioral changes in the organization. While you give your team the space to define what is appropriate and what isn’t, they will have done it. However, being a manager, it’s the responsibility to maintain the tone. One thing that can help you do this is by writing a specific job description or creating a framework of the discussion that should be taken into use and noting the hierarchy and who is responsible for what or defining excellent business practices.

Don’t avoid conflict:

It depends on the type of person, and manager someone is. There are a bunch of ways you may respond to conflict in your workspace. In some situations, you ignore it and let the participants work on it independently. This is not a wrong approach all the time. Every organization wants its team to collaborate and end the conflict. If you avoid dealing with conflict because it makes things challenging because you don’t want to rebuke someone, then it might be the wrong decision. Obviously, it’s your job as a manager to deal with such issues.

Choose a neutral space:

One of the first steps to stop any conflict is changing the workspace environment as people are pretty heated, and their anger is sometimes related to a place. Removing the people from the room where they fight is the best way to resolve the conflict from a management perspective. After that, to resolve the conflict, you will have to bring the disappointed employees to a usual location. These spaces will first bring things down to a level where a constructive conversation can occur. Students struggle to write a conflict management assignment, so they hire the best conflict management assignment services to help with their conflict management assignment.

Start with a compliment:

You don’t want to jump right into a conversation with a neutral tone. You are supposed to hear all perspectives and arguments and then make an executive decision based on logic and facts. So, to get a person comfortable enough to talk, start by appreciating them. You are aiming to attack a problem, not the person.

Don’t decide early:

The main issue behind any conflict is often more challenging than it first appears. Even if you think that it’s obvious, allow everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts. You can’t assume anything about anyone. You should be gathering the facts for some time. Are you a conflict management student who lacks subject knowledge and seeks a conflict management assignment helper? If yes, then click on Do My Assignment.

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