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Econometrics is an application of statistical and mathematical methods to describe economic systems. It means using theories of statistics and mathematics to test hypotheses and figure out future trends. Econometrics uses mathematics, economic theory to quantify phenomena, and statistical inference. Economists explain econometrics that turns theoretical economic models into systems that can be used by policymakers to make policies. It converts qualitative statements into quantitative. An example is- As the relationship between two variables is considered positive, according to econometrics- consumer spending increases by 90 bucks on every 100-dollar increase. 

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Best econometrics topics for assignment writing

Matching method-

It is a statistical technique that is used to figure out the effect of a treatment by comparing the treated and non-treated units as an observational study or quasi-experiment. The objective of matching is to reduce discriminative approaches for the estimated treatment in an observational-data study. By matching treated units to the same one, matching activates a comparison of outcomes among treated and non-treated units to find out the effect of the treatment that reduces bias because of confounding. 


It refers to the degree of correlation of similar variables between two successive time intervals. It figures out the lagged version of the value of a variable that is related to the original version in the time series. Autocorrelation is a statistical concept that is also known as serial correlation. Many times, it is used with the autoregressive-moving-average model (ARMA) and autoregressive-integrated-moving-average model (ARIMA). Autocorrelation helps to find repeating patterns of periodic that can be used as a system of technical analysis. 

Regression discontinuity design-

In daily language, both parts of the term have connotations that are generally negative. For many people, regression implies a reversion backwards. The term regression-discontinuity carries no negative meaning. The RD design is not used frequently in social research. The general implementation has been in compensatory education, where children obtain scores that fall under some predetermined cut off value on achievement. 

Instrumental variable-

It is also called an instrument variable that is used in regression analysis while having endogenous variables. These variables are influenced by other variables in the model. In different terms, you use it to account for unexpected variable behaviour. When you use an instrumental variable to find out the hidden correlation, it allows you to see the fundamental correlation between the response and explanatory variable, Y. 

Natural experiment-

A natural experiment is a study that individuals are exposed to the experimental and control conditions determined by nature or by any factor outside the reach of investigators. The process that governs exposures arguably focuses on random tasks. This experiment is helpful when there has been a clearly defined exposure that involves a well-defined subpopulation. This way, the difference between a natural experiment and non-experimental studies is that the current includes differentiation of conditions that concrete the way for causal inference, and the latter does not.

Econometrics sample questions to help students

Explain the deep features in Instrumental variable regression? 

The main objective of supervised learning is to acquire model-based samples from some data generating processes. It makes predictions about new samples that have been taken from the same distribution. If the aim is to predict the effect of actions globally, our objective becomes to assess the influence of interventions on the data generating process. Learning a structural function from observing data is known to be challenging that is influencing both outcome and treatment. 

Another way is to act the stage 1 regression through conditional density estimation. The perk of this method is it allows for flexible models, including neural nets, as mentioned in the Deep algorithm. 

What is heteroskedasticity? 

Heteroskedasticity is a situation where the variance of the deposits is not equal due to a range of measured values. While conducting a regression analysis, heteroskedasticity scores in an unequal scatter of the residuals. While observing a plot of residuals, a cone shape talks about the presence of heteroskedasticity. It is seen as an issue because of the involvement of ordinary least squares (OLS) anticipates. 

While looking for heteroskedasticity, you must run a regression and analyze the residuals. The most ordinary way of checking for heteroskedasticity is by having a graph of the residuals. If it visually appears to be a cone shape in the plot, it will show a glimpse of heteroskedasticity.  

  • Cause of heteroskedasticity-

While there are many reasons why heteroskedasticity takes place in regression models, often, it has issues with the dataset. It has been given that models containing a broad range of values are more prone to heteroskedasticity because the difference between the most prominent and smallest value is so considerable. It can be applied in many kinds of datasets where a broad range of values are needed. An example of it would be time-series datasets.

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