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Commercial Law Definition

It is a law governing body that controls the conduct of a person, merchants, and enterprises who are engaged in trade, commerce, and sales.  It is a vast area of law that cooperates with a lot of other areas of law like- real estate, food & safety laws, and environmental regulations.  It primarily deals with contract/tort laws.  It involves the complications that occur while running a business.  Many commercial law disputes are heard in commercial courts and business courts at the time of related disputes in the specific jurisdiction.

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Competition law (antitrust)- 

Modern law has historically emerged on a national level to encourage and set real competition within the territorial boundaries of the nation-state. It is a legal field that encourages or seeks to preserve market competition by operating anti-competitive conduct by businesses. It can be implemented through private and public enforcement. The business applications of market traders & governments have been subject to scrutiny and sometimes plain sanctions. 

Consumer protection- 

Consumer protection is an effort to safeguard buyers of goods and services against unfair practices in the marketplace. Consumer protection actions are established by law. These laws are planned to prevent businesses from getting into fraudulent activities. It can also provide additional security for the public, which goods might impact. Consumer protection is connected to consumer rights knowledge and forming consumer organizations. A consumer is mentioned as someone who owns goods or services for direct use instead of reselling. 


When we talk about patent, we all understand that it registers an individual’s invention and allows them to take legal action against a person who uses it, makes it, or sells it without an owner’s permission. Being an owner gives you the right to secure it from people who try to copy it or use it in any way to get the benefit without your consent. It can be a physical or abstract thing. It can be a process that gives a modern technical solution to an existing issue. 

Copyright and trademarks- 

Copyright is a kind of intellectual property that secures original and natural works of authorship right away when as soon as the author fixes the work in any tangible form. There are various types of works like paintings, illustrations, computer programs, poems where you can claim copyright. On the other hand, a trademark is a badge of beginning. It distinguishes the goods and services of a trader from another. It can take many forms like- words, slogans, shapes, sounds, and colours. It can be registered for particular goods and services. 

Negotiable instrument- 

A negotiable instrument is known as a signed document that guarantees a specific payment to a specified person or assignee. It is transferable and allows the holder to cash or use it in a suitable manner for the transaction. In other terms, a negotiable instrument is a signed document that pledges to pay the bearer a specific amount at a future date. The payee must be named; otherwise, it be indicated on the instrument.

Sample Questions of Commercial Law To Boost Your Grades

Discuss the types of negotiable instruments in brief? 

  • Promissory note-

A promissory note is a written promise to its holder by an individual or an entity to pay a specific sum of money mentioned on a pre-decided date. It shows the amount you owe to someone or someone owes to you with an interest rate and the payment date.

For example- X purchases from Y $5000 worth of goods. Due to some reasons, X is not able to pay for the purchases in cash or may not do it deliberately, and he can give a promissory note to Y. It is the responsibility of X to pay a certain amount to Y as per mentioned in the promissory note at a given date. 

  • Bills of exchange- 

It is a legally binding written document that guides a party to pay a fixed amount to another party. Some bills might mention that the amount is due, or they might state that the amount is due on demand. 

  • Cheques- 

A cheque is an instrument in writing that includes an unconditional order addressed to a banker and is signed by an individual who has accumulated his money with the banker. It requires the banker to pay a specific amount of money on demand only to the bearer of the cheque.  

What disclosures and actions must have a collection agency offered to a debtor while commencing a collection? 

The third-party collection agency should fulfill with FDCPA. According to the collection of FDPCA, agencies must offer the following data to the debtor in the initial communication or in writing after 5 days. There are 5 consequences where disclosure and actions must have a collection agency offers for a debtor at the commencement of the collection. 

  • Debt amount 
  • Current creditor name 
  • 30-day period notice about the dispute of the debt
  • Collection agency obligation notice 
  • Notice that an individual requests it within 30 days

Categories of Commercial Law

There are various laws included in the commercial law category. To understand better, it is mainly divided into five parts:

Contract law- 

Contract law is an agreement between two parties that is enforceable by law. The essential things required in an agreement to legally enforceable are- mutual assent, adequate consideration, capacity, and legality.

Company law- 

In simple words, company law is the body of law governing the relations, rights, conduct of persons, companies, organisation. This term specifically refers to the legal practice of legalities related to companies and corporations.

Intellectual property law- 

Intellectual property laws are one of the primary laws that come under the ambit of commercial laws. It includes the rights of inventions in the field of art, science, music, and literature.

International trade law- 

International trade law contains the comprehensive procedures and regulations required to manage trades between two countries.

Consumer protection law- 

Consumer law governs the right of consumers against companies and the procedures and provisions for the aid of customers.

These branches of commercial law are often seen as time-consuming, and due to that, students need help with commercial law assignments.

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