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A career in computer programming is the most preferred choice for many students nowadays. Students can secure a wide range of opportunities while working in this discipline. The formal way to learn to program is that students need to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science. It has been widely noticed that students usually opt for programming out of their interest but get low grades in the examinations. The most relevant reason for this is that programming is not an easy task. Students in this discipline need to deal with many programming assignments that can take a lot from them in exchange.

Along with the evolving technology, our educational system has also evolved quite a lot. Now, universities are focusing more on assignment writing. Certainly, assignment writing in programming is the most crucial as it helps the student get thorough knowledge of the programming language. However, many students take assistance from various online programming assignment help, especially HTML assignment help.
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Understanding HTML from an expert’s point of view?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used for building web pages and applications. Before discussing the assignments in detail, we must have an overview of the Hypertext Markup Language.


Hypertext stands for ‘Text within the text.’ Any text having a link within it is called hypertext. Clicking on the link will generate or open a new webpage. We all are using this hypertext in our everyday routine, but the technicality behind this is not that easy to surmise. However, hypertext is a method to link two or more web pages with each other.

Markup language: 

A markup language is a language of the computer used to apply formatting and layout conventions in a text document. For making a text more attractive and interactive, the markup language is used. It can convert text into tables, links, images, etc.

Questions asked in HTML assignments

It sounds interesting to make attractive web pages but dealing with programming assignments is not an easy task. Many questions can be asked in the programming assignments, but we can try to understand the nature of the HTML programming assignments.

What are HTML Tags?

HTML is widely used for creating web pages and making them attractive. It uses a variety of tags to format and modify the content. Html tags are always enclosed in angle braces. Also, nearly all the tags utilized in HTML have a similar ending tag. Like, <html> is the opening tag while </html> is the ending tag. To begin with HTML programming, you must have a comprehensive idea of using different tags. Some of the many tags in HTML include paragraph tags, line breaking tags, heading tags, etc.

HTML Elements

A starting tag defines elements in HTML. These elements are generally enclosed in starting and ending tags. The description of building documents is provided by HTML elements. HTML too owns void elements which do not have closing tags. For example, <img/>, <br/>, etc.

HTML Attributes

The character of an element is defined by the HTML attribute. It is usually placed inside the opening tag of an element. It consists of names and values. The name represents the property that we want to set. For example, the align attribute name owns three probable values: center, right, and left.

Description of HTML Example

<!DOCTYPE>: It describes the document type or instructs the browser regarding the version of HTML.

<html > : This tag notifies the browser that it is an HTML document. It is a vessel for all other elements of HTML but <!DOCTYPE> <!DOCTYPE>. Text within the HTML tag explains the web document.

<head>: It is the first element within the <html> element, which includes the metadata (knowledge about the document). It needs to be terminated before the body tag opens.

<title>: It is used to attach the HTML page title, which emerges at the head of the browser window. It must be located within the head tag and should be closed promptly.

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