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What Criminal Law Means?

Criminal law means a legal body related to crime. It imposes conduct perceived as threatening or harmful otherwise threatening to the individual’s property, safety, health, and moral welfare. Many criminal laws have been provided by statute. It involves the punishment and rehabilitation of people who infringe such laws. This law varies according to jurisdiction and is different from civil law. The procedure of criminal law is an official activity that verifies the commission of a crime and approves rehabilitative or punitive behaviour of the offender.

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What Is The Main Objective Of The Criminal Justice Hierarchy?

1- The main objective of the criminal justice hierarchy is to bring justice to and everyone and those who are guilty of any act that is forbidden by law should be punished according to law. And it prohibits someone from committing any crime soon. One of the main aims of criminal law is to ensure that innocents are safe.

2- It helps prevent heinous crimes in society that make people feel unsafe and degrades the value of humanity.

3- There are specific criminal laws for defendants and people who have been acquitted for certain allegations.

4- Another advantage of criminal law is it provides the non-utilitarian and representative benefit as many people lose it. Criminal law is a vast field that includes Felonies, misdemeanours, inchoate offenses, strict liability offenses. If you need criminal law assignment help in Canada, contact us today to get started.

What Are The Components Of The Criminal Justice System?

There are a ton of components that comes under criminal law. Some of them are here mentioned below:

1- Law enforcement

2- Prosecution

3- Courts

4- Defence prosecution

We Cover Some Of The Best Criminal Law Assignment Writing Topics For Students

Drug cultivation- 

Under state and federal laws, they are manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs like marijuana or methamphetamine. Drug manufacturing is when an individual is involved in any aspect of the illicit drug production procedure. People who sell several precursor chemicals, specialized equipment or offer to help produce drugs can also be charged with the crime. Drugs production is generally charged as a felony with sentences including prison time, probation, and steep fines. Fines and prison sentences can be doubled for those imprisoned for manufacturing illegal drugs. 

Human trafficking- 

Human trafficking is force, coercion, or fraud to get labour or commercial sex. Every day, thousands of men, women, and children get trafficked globally. These traffickers use force, coercion, fraud to entice their victims and are forced into commercial sexual exploitation or labour. They hunt people who are susceptible for a variety of reasons, including emotional vulnerability or psychological, economic hardship, natural disasters, or political instability. The damage caused by the traffickers can be excellent that many may not recognize themselves as victims or ask for help even in extreme public settings. 

White-collar crime- 

White-collar crime illustrates non-violent criminal activity in the business or commercial realm. This word encompasses a broad range of illegal schemes and acts. One similar denominator is that the perpetrators commit an act through deceit or in pursuit of monetary gain. White-collar crime perpetrators are supposed to be wealthy, powerful, and educated people who incorporate or business nature. 

Cybercrime offence- 

Any criminal activity that includes a computer and a network is considered a cybercrime. However, many cybercrimes are conducted to generate profit for cybercriminals. Many people use computers and networks to spread illegal information, malware, images, or other materials. A critical effect of cybercrime is financial. It includes various kinds of beneficial criminal activity like email and internet fraud, ransomware attacks and identity fraud. 

Juvenile delinquency- 

Juvenile delinquency means unlawful conduct by minors (under the age of 18). Some acts of delinquency would have been criminal if committed by an adult and punishable under the laws. Other conducts that are still unlawful may be minor. Many acts of juvenile delinquency are related to less severe acts. There are many examples where juveniles commit acts that would classify as a specific crime if they were 18 years of age. 

Some Excellent Sample Criminal Law Questions To Boost Your Marks

Elaborate on the differences between homicide, manslaughter, and murder? 

Homicide is generally when you kill somebody. According to the circumstances, it may or may not be illegal. Murder is a homicide that has been done with “malice aforethought.” It is a way of saying that it is unjust killing. For a killing to be a murder, there generally must be an intention to kill or conduct so carelessly that it is punishable as murder. 

Premeditation is defined as planning or design to cause death before killing occurs. When it comes to murder, it is typically broken down into degrees. It penalizes people who didn’t kill. First-degree murder rebukes premeditated killings. Felony murder is a sub-part of either first-degree murder in some criminal codes voluntary manslaughter. 

Finally, what is manslaughter? It is known as a less severe crime than murder. It is broken up into degrees and categorized as involuntary and voluntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter means killing someone under extreme provocation during a heat of passion. Generally, it doesn’t require an intention to kill, but instead, the intent to do something else. While felony manslaughter happens when a person involves in a crime that isn’t mentioned in the felony murder statute section. 

How can liability impact criminal law? 

Criminal liability points out the obligation for a crime and the penalty society enforces on the crime as crime causes damage to an entire society. An individual can be found liable for criminal activity if the prosecution proves that an individual committed the fraudulent act and has the ideal intent to hold that person accountable. 

To hold someone for a crime, the prosecutor should prove that they protected the needed level of criminal intent is required. In civil matters, no criminal intent is needed. Many civil actions include charges that the defendant performed negligently and, as a result, harmed the plaintiff. Generally, criminal liability differs on the person who committed the act directly. The central criminal liabilities are-

  • Mens Rea or criminal intent 
  • Strict liability 
  • Vicarious or implied liability 
  • Responsible but not liable (Incapacity to create criminal intent)

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