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It is the study of computers and computing that includes theoretical foundations like hardware and software. It uses the processing information. The principles of computer science include the knowledge of algorithms, data structures, network design, information process, modelling data and artificial intelligence. Computer science builds some of its foundations from mathematics and engineering. Therefore, it incorporates techniques from zones such as probability and statistics, electronic circuit design, and queueing theory. It also makes extensive use of hypothesis testing and experiments during the conceptualization, measurement, design, or refinement of modern algorithms and architectures. 

Computer science is a broad subject. There are thousands of variables in this subject, making it one of the most difficult to grasp. We can’t change the reality that it’s one of the most promising careers, with plenty of opportunities for Computer Science graduates. Do you, on the other hand, find it difficult to write a Computer Science assignment? Is it true that it uses a lot of energy? If you answered yes, you are correct. These tasks deplete your energy. “Assignments Help Lite” assists thousands of students in Canada who require the best computer science assignment help assistance.

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High scoring computer science topics for students

Human-computer interaction- 

HCI is concerned with designing elements interactions between computers and users and constructs the interfaces that help this interaction. Human-computer interaction occurs with an interface that contains software and hardware both. User interface design influences the life cycle of software. It must occur early in the design procedure. Interfaces must gain a variety of user styles and compatibilities. HCI research draws on various disciplines, including psychology, anthropology, sociology, and engineering. 

Platform-based development- 

Platform-based development is a design and development application for specific types of computer systems. It takes into account system-specific characteristics such as those in web programming, multimedia development, robotics, and application development. Platforms such as the Android and internet allow students to gain knowledge about environments constrained by hardware, application programming interfaces (APIs), and services. Environments are different from “general purpose” programming to warrant individual research and development effort. 

Graphics and visual computing- 

It is a field that deals with the display and control of images on a computer screen. Graphics and visual computing encompass the effective implementation of four interrelated computational tasks- rendering, animation, modelling, visualization. Graphics techniques integrate principles of algebra, number integration, computational geometry, special-purpose hardware to achieve these tedious tasks. Graphics applications include CAD, fine arts, medical imaging, data visualization, and video games. This system allows the computer to be used for designing objects. 

Information management- 

Information management is generally concerned with capture, representation, digitization, transformation, and presentation. As a computer’s main memory provides only temporary storage, computers are occupied with an auxiliary disk storage device that stores data permanently. The same device is characterized by having a higher capacity than the main memory but a slower action speed. Data stored on a disk should be read into the vital memory before processing it. The underlying structure of a database is a set of files inside a disk storage file. Each file will further be broken down.

Security and information guarantee-

Its assurance refers to the policy and technical elements that secure information systems by ensuring their availability, authentication, and level of confidentiality. Information security principles exist in various areas of computer science, computer networks, databases and software. Operating security contains protection from outer attacks by malicious software that involves the system’s conclusion of ordinary operations. It provides protection of all networks from attacks by outsiders. Information database is vulnerable to being stolen, destroyed, or maliciously modified due to server accessibility. 

Sample computer science questions for reference

Discuss the difference between constructor and interface? 

The expected differences between abstract class and interface are- 

  • Abstract class- It does not support inheritance 
  • Interface- It supports various inheritances
  • Abstract class- It contains the constructor
  • Interface- It does not contain a constructor 
  • Abstract- It can be used with every access modifier 
  • Interface- It can be only used with public access modifier 
  • Abstract- Its class is declared using the term “Abstract” 
  • Interface- It can only be used with a public modifier. 

Discuss the various types of access modifiers in Java?


The private modifier can be accessed only within the same class and not from outside of the class. 


Default modifier can only be accessed within the same package and not from outside of that. While not specifying any access modifier, it automatically considers it as default. 


Protect modifier can be accessed within the same package and from outside the package with the support of the child class. If we don’t make it, there is no possibility of accessing it from outside the package. Inheritance is a must needed to access it from the outer of the package. 


You can access public modifiers from anywhere. We can access it from within the class as well as from outside the class within the package and from outside the package. 

What is the SDLC waterfall model? Explain when to use it?

The waterfall model is a hierarchical model that divides software development into a defined phase. Every phase must be done before the next phase can begin with no overlap. Every phase is designed for performing a specific task during the SDLC phase. The waterfall model was introduced by Winston Royce in 1970. 

When to use SDLC waterfall model? 

  • It can be used at the time of- 
  • Requirements are the same and don’t need any change
  • Application is not big and complicated 
  • When projects are shorter 
  • The use of technological tools is not dynamic and is stable
  • A good number of resources are available 
  • Excellent stability of an environment

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1) Is a Computer Science assignment hard to write? 

Writing a Computer Science assignment will not be difficult if you have a thorough understanding of the subject. Writing assignments, on the other hand, might be difficult and time-consuming if you are unfamiliar with the subject and are attempting to learn more about it.

A Computer Science assignment help requires a thorough understanding of the subject. If you want to produce a good assignment, you should have some knowledge of the subject. Understanding a topic and conducting research on it is not a simple undertaking. It takes a long time to complete.

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