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Contract law is a legally enforceable agreement with the exchange of anything between two parties or more than that. It is a body of regulations that govern the principles relating to contracts, whether verbal or written. To create excellent contract law assignment writing, they must understand the basics of contract law. You should first increase your subject understanding of contracts and their basics. A law student must study various types of laws, and contract law is one of the essential subjects of law studies. Getting contract law assignment help is common among students. There are various types of laws, and contract law is one of them. Hence, if you have been given an assignment on contract law, you must contact Assignments help lite. We have been writing contract law assignments for years and understand its drills better than anyone else.

Elements Of Contract


Offer and acceptance are the initial stages of a contract. It was developed in the 19th century, and the offer and acceptance formula identify the main reason point of formation where both the parties are of one mind. When we talk about an offer, it is a proposal constituting specific terms for one party to agree with the party on the other side.


It is an agreement to the specific terms of an offer. Nobody can accept orders just through words. It can be accepted through conduct. If someone accepts an offer but accepts it on different terms than the original offer, it will constitute a counteroffer rather than an acceptance. Acceptance should be communicated to the offer or, and silence can never be treated as an acceptance. If you are searching for contract law assignment help experts in Canada, Assignments help lite is the best place to outsource your contract law assignment.


No agreement can be worked out in detail to become a contract. An agreement is not completed when the parties have agreed on vital matters of detail but have not agreed on other crucial points. Contract law takes time to understand, which is why many students struggle and hire assignment writers.


In the sale of goods, the vendor considers the money, and the property sold is the purchaser’s consideration. In contract law, consideration is an inducement given to get into a contract that is enough to render the promise enforceable in the courts. If you want to know more about it, contact our contract law assignment help expert today and learn more about it.

Types of Contracts

Contract law is a broad study that involves many aspects of the subject. The contract is known by law in various ways.

Here are the different types of contracts below-

Express contract- 

Express contracts are those contracts that are worded and have been spoken based on terms and conditions.

Implied contract- 

Contract law assignment helpers explain that in these kinds of contracts, both the parties to the agreement exhibit by their nature that an offer has been made and is duly accepted.

Bilateral contract- 

A bilateral contract is the most common type of contract that talks about both parties to the contract will act on the performance of the act of the opposition party.

Unilateral contract- 

Under the unilateral contract, one party is obligated to act provided that another party acts at their end of the bargain. If, in case, the second party is unable to perform the task, then the first party’s obligation is abolished.

Executed and executor contracts-

When both the parties to the contract have performed their duties towards the contract, it’s known as an executed contract. And when we talk about executor contract, it means when there is some futuristic possibility or obligation which may require execution.

Unconscionable contract- 

The unconscionable contract refers to a form of contract that will help you in unreasonable terms to a one-party who will have a superior hand and bargaining power in the agreement.

Adhesion contract- 

In an adhesion contract, according to our contract law assignment help experts, it is written and then given by the party who will have a more significant bargaining advantage, thereby it gives a chance to a weaker side to adhere.

Void contracts and voidable contracts- 

These contracts are not enforceable by law and, as such, confer no right to the parties.

What Is a Breach of Contracts?

At Assignments help lite, our assignment makers explain a break of contract as a failure to perform the duties of the contract by any of the parties involved in the contract. When one of the parties accuses the other of not performing the tasks according to the terms and conditions given in the contract, it is the party’s failure if they couldn’t fulfill each other’s requirements according to the agreed contract.

For example- AB has entered a contract with CD. The contract was to purchase some of the products that needed to be delivered on Monday night, but CD delivered the goods to AB on the morning of Tuesday. Ans if AB had a monetary loss due to the act of CD, then it will count as a breach of contract.

Types of Contract Law Assignment Help?

Case studies- 

Case studies play the most crucial part in law studies as it applies their knowledge to practical problems related to law. It helps students practice the rules, laws, and procedures learned from textbooks. You can learn more about this aspect of contract law by getting contract law assignment help from case study writers.


Contract law essays require special attention to present excellent arguments and interpretation of the law learning based on various situations. The contract law essays should be well-organized with authentic and genuine information about the subject matter. You can take online contract law assignment services from Assignment help lite if you find it challenging and need someone to help you proficiently.

Question & Answer- 

Another most given law assignment is- question & answer. Students must solve questions and answer the problem related to contractual laws. After understanding facts, students are required to answer the questions with an excellent understanding of interpretation and statutes. Get the best assignment help service in Canada.

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