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Company law is a set of legal norms and regulations that controls a company’s freedom. The term company law is broad and talks about various elements. From the formation of a company to the duties of directors, everything is there in the company law. It is essential for people to understand how everything works and what they need to navigate the corporate world smoothly. It can be understood as an umbrella that completes a business. It influences all types of businesses due to the essence. No doubt that company law plays a huge role in how you own a business and the way you operate it.

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Most common topics of company law

Public limited company (PLC)-

Public limited companies are the corresponding publicly traded companies that carry corporation designation. Use of PLC behind the name of a company is mandatory that communicates with investors. Anyone dealing with the company is a publicly-traded corporation, according to the same. It designates a company that offers stock shares to general people. People who buy those shares have limited liability. That means they cannot be responsible for any losses in the business in the excessive amount they paid for the shares.

Liquidation of corporations-

Corporations exist in indefinitely way. Once it has fulfilled the objectives, its legal existence can be terminated through a liquidation procedure. It may appoint a liquidator who wants to sell the assets of the corporation. If a situation like this happens, the corporation generally dies and then ceases to exist. The corporation can get into liquidation both voluntarily and involuntarily ways. Whereas voluntary liquidation happens once the corporation’s goal has been met, involuntary liquidation can happen for many causes.

Collaborative partnership-

This is an agreement and actions made by the organizations to share their resources to achieve a mutual goal. It is based on the participation of at least two parties who agree to share resources like finance, knowledge, and colleagues. Collaborative partnership shares some common objectives. The core of the collaborative partnership is for parties that mutually get the benefit of working together. Collaboration and partnership are often used interchangeably. 

Corporate insolvency- 

The corporate insolvency resolution process is known as a recovery mechanism for the creditors of a debtor of corporate. A corporate debtor means a company or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) that owes a debt to the creditors. The insolvency and bankruptcy bring down the provisions for conducting bankruptcy of individuals, LLP companies, and many other partnership firms. However, the procedure of insolvency and liquidation from the end of the corporate debtor under the acts that apply where the minimum default amount is $1 million.

Artificial legal entity- 

The incorporation of the organization is known as an artificial entity that is recognized as a legal person by the court of law that exist independently with rights. A company is treated as a separate person from its participants. This legal entity contains the consequence that a company has perpetual succession. The duration of the organization won’t be influenced by the disability, insolvency, or death of a shareholder.

Company law sample question for students

What is piercing the corporate veil? 

Rather than specific exceptions in statutes and other limited circumstances, there is a principle that permits the personhood of an enterprise to be ignored effectively and liability imposed on the owner of the corporation or another person. It is an equitable remedy that a court may exercise in certain situations to disregard the legal personality of a corporation. It is used where it would be grossly unfair to rest solely with the corporation. The court imposes liability on another person as well. 

Due to piercing the corporate veil sets aside a fundamental principle of the law, the threshold that must be met is heavy. There is no line test a court uses to determine whether the veil should be pierced or not. It is an excellent remedy that will only succeed in cases of flagrant injustice. It is crucial to remember a contract with a corporation is not considered as an individual. Taking care of a personal guarantee from the shareholders or owners of the corporations is an effective way of mitigating the risks involved in dealing with a corporation. 

Explain what indoor management is with its exceptions?

This principle is, also known as the Turquand rule, is a 150-year-old concept that protects outsiders against the wrong actions done by the company. The person who gets into a contract with a company must make sure that the transaction is authorized by the company’s article. There is no need to look into the internal irregularities, even if there has been one, and the company will help liable since the person has acted on good faith. 

To understand the concept of this principle, it is essential to understand the concept of the doctrine of constructive notice. 

  • Exceptions of the doctrine of indoor management 
  • Knowledge of irregularity 
  • Suspicion of irregularity 
  • Forgery 

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1) How long does it take to complete a Company Law assignment?

Company law, as we have discussed is a vast field that you must understand. Assignment writing on company law can be quite different than the rest of the other law assignments as they don’t have much to discuss, but company law has a dozen of things that will be ignored if you try to complete it quickly. So, generally, it takes a lot of time to create a compelling company law assignment.

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