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Types Of Essay Writing & How To Write Essays


Student life is indeed fascinating, and there are many new things as a student you get to learn every day. Let’s talk about all the essay writing that you get as your homework or assignment. Essay writing might seem easy to you as you have been getting it since your middle school primary classes. You are mistaken if you think university essay writing is the same. There are times when your academic writing includes businesses and companies that might need you to write some essays. Learning the proper format and skills to write a pro-level essay is much needed.    

It is okay if you do not know how to write an essay or you are a bit out of the practice of writing one. Many students often seek essay writing help from experts who can assist them with the formatting and all other necessary writing. In this article, we list different types of essay writing for you; also, we will discuss how to write one. 

How To Write An Essay 

Essays are elongated versions of assignments that consist of information to be aware of specific topics. Knowing which type of essay to use is essential in order to deliver your message to readers. Pick a topic and identify which type of essay it is, then tailor your essay to your readers. Let’s break down the structure of the essay into three different parts, and this format is applied to all types of essays.


Introductory paragraph 

Under the introductory passage, you are supposed to give general information about your topic. You can make simple short orientations and keep the sentences short but informative. Include questions that are related to your topic and later discuss them in the other section. Create a road map for your essay to make the following transition easy. 

Main section/Body

Use realistic and relevant examples, break down all the sub-parts of the topics into smaller ones, and elaborate on them per your reader’s interest. Under this section will include paragraphs consisting of arguments and statements related to your essay topic. You can include statics and data in support of your statements under the Body. Here are some bullet points you can keep at your fingertips in order to write well knowledgeable body section for your essay.

Start the section with general comments and statements, and explain them with 70% of factual data and 30% of your own thoughts about it. 

Support your statement with some data and statics from authentic pre-researched articles or researched papers. 

Do not include anything unnecessarily because of the sack of work limits or content. 

Maintain the formatting, and try to avoid long paragraphs that can reduce readers’ readability.         


The conclusion is the end part of the essay, and you should conclude your thoughts related to the essay under this section. Wrap your essay under this section, or explain your essay in a nutshell. Re-summarise your points under this section, do not include any new information under the conclusion part. 

Types Of Essay Writing 

Descriptive essay

Descriptive essays are written as a practice paper before writing a narrative essay. Descriptive essays explain their meaning from their name, the primary purpose of it to describe a particular event or subject. Descriptive essays do not explain the entire story, although some arguments are involved in supporting the statements. It is more like a narrative essay excluding these points. 

Narrative essay

A narrative essay is also known as a personal essay or reflective essay. It is a mixture of personal storytelling and realistic events per academic requirements. They are usually nonfiction and are based on actual events; we can call them a short autobiographical form. It is written from the first-person point of view. Narrative essays are written with more creativity, as it is based on facts and the language of academic writing or journalism. Writers can choose to illustrate points in their writing. 

Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays are based on a particular side of the topic, either on the defence or affirmation. Under the context, the writer makes points regarding their chosen side. It is written on facts other than fictional stories. Under argumentative essays, first or second-person statements are meant to avoid. It is all about supporting one side of the story and writing according to that. The writer needs to do the research as per the relative topic in order to support their statement regarding the side they pick. 

Compare and contrast essay

The essay writing format is similar to any other type of essay, introductory, Body, and conclusion paragraph. Most similarities and differences are listed under paragraphs and points; you can take relevant events or examples to support your statements. In compare and contrast essays, we compare two things based on certain points. The article’s body segment includes all the compare and contrast parts. 

Process essays

Process essays are a form of exposition essay under which a description of some work or process is explained in an elaborated version. Writers usually maintain chronological order and clarity under process essays. The universal format is maintained under process essays like any other type. The Body contains paragraphs and chronological order having the word transitions, including all the necessary statements. 

Critical analysis essay

Critical analysis essays are based on literature; under it, the argumentative sentences are broken down into small single sentences. Just like a persuasive essay, the tradition of argument format is maintained in a critical essay. The format is again universal, followed by the introduction, Body, and conclusion part. 

Persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is also a form of argumentative essay; under it, the essay is taken as a stance on the issues. Just like in an argumentative essay, the writer tries to convince the reader to understand and support some specific points. In the same way, in a persuasive essay, the writer is supposed to back up their statements with some strong statics or data to convince his readers. 

Why Are Different Types Of Essay Writing Needed?

You might have seen that the format of writing an essay is universal, which is the same for all types of essays. But there are more than five different types of essays. So, the difference comes into the role under the middle Body section of the essay. Essays are based on the type of writing/style or content they support. For instance, under a descriptive essay, the Body will contain mainly the description of the topic, which the writer can support through data and events. On the other hand, under argumentative essays, writers have to focus on a particular side of the story (against or with the topic); they cannot simply describe the general thing about the topic. This is why there are types of essays because every different type of essay consists of some unique pattern of literal writing.   

Although with all the concerned difficulties of writing the required type of article. Students often ask for “write my essay” to multiple assignments providing services. This is purely illegal and unethical; as a student, it is your responsibility to gain knowledge through assignments or essays. You can not just escape from it; you can have an expert as your assistant but can not ask them to do your assignment. 

The Final Thoughts:

You will come across multiple different types of assignment writing while doing your higher studies. Essay writing is one of those assignments; in the above article, we tried to conclude every important thing, from the format/structure of the essay to the types of essays. Sometimes, students seek to pay someone to write your essay because they want to escape from work. This is totally wrong; you can have an expert who can assist you with your homework but asking someone else to do your work will only take that knowledge away from you.

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