Why is Financial Analysis Important for Supply Chain Management


Why is Financial Analysis Important for Supply Chain Management

Financial analysis is an essential part of Management in any organisation. It requires a lot of things regarding the financial performance of the company. That is why it is considered one of the essential things in any management department. Due to this reason, many times, professors give assignments on Management, and students need management assignment help to complete their work. If you are also one of them, you must read this article; here, we will discuss many things related to financial analysis. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

What is Financial Analysis?

Financial analysis is used to check the performance of the company’s financial position by examining the financial statement & other relevant information. Here experts try to analyse the company’s statements like balance sheet & statement of cash flows to understand its financial health & determine its value as an investment.

Some several tools and techniques can be used in financial analysis, including:

  1. Ratio analysis: Here we calculate & comparing financial ratios, such as the price-to-earnings ratio and the debt-to-equity ratio to understand a company’s financial performance & position.
  2. Trend analysis: This involves analysing the historical financial data of a company to identify trends & patterns that may indicate future performance.
  3. The comparative analysis: Here we compare the company’s financial statements to its competitors or industry averages to understand how it stacks up. Seek top Management Homework Help in Canada.
  4. Cash flow analysis: It involves analysing a company’s cash flow statements to understand how it generates and uses cash.

This is often used by the investors, creditors & other stakeholders to assess the risk & potential return associated with investing in or lending to a company. Management also uses it to identify strengths and weaknesses & make informed decisions about the company’s future direction. For better information, get the best management assignment help in Canada.

So we already understand the definition of financial analysis, let’s discuss its types.

Types of Financial Analysis

It is divided into two types mainly. For this, you can refer the information given below.

1. Fundamental Analysis:

This analysis is done to generate or gather the data from the financial statement, like the company’s earnings per share, which is called EPS in short form. This helps us to know the business’s value of the company.

Here we use terms like ratio – analysis which allows us to understand the economic & financial situations of the company. With this help, the analyst can arrive at an intrinsic value for security. The main goal here is to understand whether the value of a share is undervalued or overvalued. Get the best management homework help to know more about it.

2. Technical Analysis

Such type of analysis uses the statistical analysis which is gathered from the trading activity, like moving averages. It assumes that a security price already tells the publicly available information & also focuses on the statistical analysis of price movements. It also tries to understand the market sentiment by looking at the patterns & trends rather than analysing the fundamental nature or attributes. Get the best management assignment help to know more about it. So, all these types are part of financial analysis, and let us understand their importance.

Importance of financial analysis in Supply Chain management

Any company which offers goods & services, insurance, Finance as well as transaction contributes 5% of the amount spent on the goods & services. Since these components are added to the financial supply chain management, it must strengthen the end-to-end chain management to get more – 2 insights. Plus it also helps us to maximise our satisfaction.

There are two factors which contribute to financial supply chain management. Since the invention of network technology, supply chain management processes are more visible throughout the whole supply chain. If these processes are more transparent, they will surely attract more costumes.

The 2nd factor is awareness of end-to-end procedures & collaboration within & outside the company. The main problem for banking, treasury & Finance is convincing the businesses to better the supply chain operations, which lowers the products’ costs. Seek the best Management Assignment Help to know more about it. Now we will discuss the different types of processes used in financial supply chain management.

Processes Use in Financial Supply Chain Management

There are different methods used here, but only three types of this are used. These processes are not only used for the supply chain process but also focus on the requirements of every employee in the company. Let’s describe all the functions.

1. P2P Cycle

This process also describes the trading cycle from the lens of services and firm purchasing resources. The organisations get & even settle various components to manufacture the goods and services they give consumers through these procedures. Get the best management homework help to know more about it.

2. Working in Capital Management

It is the budget that the organisation develops to manage the resources & liabilities for sustaining financial efficiency. It also ensures the company has enough money to handle the sources and pay its bills as well as employees pay. It also reduces time because it transforms the liabilities & assets into cash. Accounts payments and inventory management are all part of working capital management.

3. Order to Cash Cycle

It is similar to the PrP process & is viewed through the eyes of organisations that deliver the services, supplies, etc. It starts when the seller provides the customer with an estimate. The accounting department also generates the revenue in a most effective & timely manner after the invoice has been issued.

So, all these three processes are used in financial supply chain management. There are other things as well, for which you need the assignment assistance for the assignment. Now, if the professor gives you an assignment on any of these topics and needs help to figuring out what to do, then choose the best assignment help platform in Canada & that is Assignments help lite. They have been called the best platform in this category. Do you know why? Because,

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the three significant areas of Finance?

It consists of three areas.

  1. Credit & Money markets: These are bank accounts, money market mutual funds, commercial papers, treasury bills, etc.
  2. Investments – Action of investing money for the profits.
  3. The Management of Finance. 


  1. What are the different pillars used in the world of finance?
  • Manage cash flow.
  • Deduction of debt.
  • Protection of income.
  • Savings of wealth Accumulation.
  • Estate planning & Retirement.
  • Minimising the impact of taxes as well as inflation.

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