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What is Referencing in Academic Writing



Grades are a massive part of the student’s academic tenure. Indeed every student is always afraid when it is the result time, but much before that, many are anxious about writing good quality assignments. Academic writing is a task for many students as they are unaware of the rules and regulations they should follow while writing the assignments. Academic writing is not only about the structure but also the approach of writing used, type of topic chosen, language used, grammar errors etc. A whole structure is supposed to be followed by the students when writing an assignment. Failure to follow the same may lead students to lose their potential grades.

What does Referencing Mean?

Referencing, in simple terms, refers to the practice of identifying and acknowledging someone else’s work that you have used in your assignment. When reading your assignments, the readers can easily connect the idea written in the assignment and evaluate its real meaning very quickly. Citation in academic writing also helps the raiders develop a clearly understandable connection between the information shared and the original source. Some of the essential parts of referencing include :

  • Brackets because the complete reference is to be done in the same to make it look different and evident in the assignment. 
  • The author’s name, irrespective of how many authors have contributed to writing the original work, must be added to the reference. There are certain cases where there are many writers, and in such cases, the usage of (et al.) is usually done. 
  • Date of publication of the original source. There are specific topics on which people keep writing and launching articles. The university sometimes does not accept references from pieces that are approximately 5-7 years old.
  • Location anime(in some instances, people’s beliefs are different, which is why picking up the reference from the right place is essential. 
  • The title and name of the book. This is important as university professors always need to rectify the sources. There are specific journals and books which are not acceptable as sources in specific universities; journal and book names are supposed to be attached for the same reason. 
  • Title of the research paper or the chapter name. This is really important as based on the same; only the original credits shall be given.

Why is Referencing Required?

In today’s education system, referencing has become one of the most unimportant parts of people’s lives. This not only initiates the students to thoroughly understand the process of referencing but also helps them get better grades. The most crucial reason for referencing to exist is plagiarism. People research a lot before writing and launching a write-up. When the students learn from their write-ups, they tend to seek ideas and information. If in case the original researchers are not given credits, the whole assignment is considered plagiarised.

Alongside when the readers read any kind of assignment or write-up for any quantitative information, they can quickly locate it from original sources. To know and learn more about the article and other facts, the reader can directly reach at the original location and learn more. 

Just in case if the students are using someone else’s statements, they can directly cite them ahead and be worry free about getting any plagiarism in their assignments.

Various types of referencing styles


There are various types of referencing styles that universities follow. Different universities accept different types of referencing styles. The most crucial part about referencing is the format. It is a compulsion for the students to accurately reference their citations because even a tiny mistake of a full stop or a slash may lead to getting their grades cut. Some of the most popular referencing styles include:

  • Harvard
  • Vancouver
  • AMA (American psychological association)
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • American chemical society(ACS)
  • American medical association(AMA)
  • Modern language association(MLA)
  • Australian guide to legal citation(AGLC)
  • Council of science editors(CSE)
  • Institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE)
  • Council of biology editors (CBE)

Why do you need to Reference your Academic Assignments?

This is a frequently asked yet fundamental question for all the students. Referencing is a very crucial part of the assignments of the students. Special sessions are arranged for the students to actively teach them how to reference and cite in their assignments. For various reasons, many cannot attend it and wrongly reference it. As mentioned above, the main aim of referencing is to properly provide credit to the original researcher; alongside, it is also a compulsion in educational institutions. Many students are afraid of losing their grades and taking academic writing help. Many assignment helpers are readily available to help the students learn to reference very well. These are tutors who can help the students understand the referencing part very well and train them.  

Referencing holds an integral part in the assignment with a good grade value. There are many instances when the students cannot understand exactly how to reference as they do not have enough practice in doing so. For the sake of the students not losing grades, there are also many academic writers available who can guide the students in understanding writing significant quality assignments. 


Referencing is something very unusual for the students. Also, they do not have a great practice of referencing, which is why it reflects on being a complicated task for the students. A particular structure is supposed to be followed by the students when writing the assignments; referencing is a part of the same. There are mainly three parts of referencing: referencing, in-texting and citation. Many sub-parts of referencing that should be considered by the students when writing the assignments. The professors are rigorous and thoroughly check the whole assignment. Even the slightest of mistakes lead the students to lose grades. There is nothing much to worry about as the students can directly connect with the most capable academic writers and understand how to do the referencing.





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