Viral Trends of Nursing Career in Canada right now


Viral Trends of Nursing Career in Canada right now

Nursing Career is one of the most promising careers in Canada, every year, many students apply for this course and need nursing assignment help to finish their Course successfully. Some want academic-related help, while others want to know about viral trends of this career, so that they can make important decision for their life. If you are also studying nursing at any Canadian university, go through this write-up, where we will discuss various aspects of the nursing field.

Trends in Nursing Career

The covid-19 impacted the nursing profession badly and set up a new trend in nursing. Many say it affects negatively, but actually, it has both positive as well as negative effects. Let’s discuss all of these:

Positive Impact

  1. Increase in Demand

More than ever, Canada needs more nurses. According to the World Economic Forum & Conference Board of Canada, Canada needs 60,000 nurses by 2022; over the next ten years, this number will increase by 142,000. 

The nursing shortage is a great stress for health administrators, but it is excellent news for those seeking employment. After graduating from college, if you work anywhere as a nurse, you will get at least $42000 per annum.

An experienced nurse (Registered Nurse) earns, even more, around $130000. They also get various benefits like pension plans, paid vacation, comprehensive healthcare, and multiple work benefits. Get top homework help if you want to know more about it.

  1. High Profile

Since 2020, when the pandemic started, nurses have been at the centre of the news cycle. Stories of nurses spread across the globe & social media. This also led to a great interest in this profession, as per the Nursing associations in USA & Canada.

Due to the rise in salary, respect, multiple career paths, flexible location & opportunities, this profession significantly impacts young minds. Due to this more – 2 youngter want to join this profession now. Many ask for nursing assignment help when completing their nursing course in the university.

  1. Education

During the covid -19 period, more nurses continue their education and apply for long or short-term courses. Programs that focus on business management skills and leadership cultivation are one of the best & hot in – demand.

Even many universities in Canada offer online courses for the nurse’s program when they know about the increased demand for nursing education. If you also apply for such a course and need homework help, then choose the top platform only.

  1. Telepath & triage Hotlines

With telehealth technology, patients can now manage various aspects of healthcare by getting access to an online portal to see their results. They can schedule appointments as well as give prescriptions whenever needed.

Virtual appointments are also provided to them through their live video feed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, telehealth visits will increase by 154% in 2020. 

  1. Boom in Tech

The technology significantly impacts nursing because nurses use the latest tech to perform their duties. Like automated pumps, portable monitors, wearable devices, & various health records, nurses need to be aware of the newest technology & apps as the latest tech will continue to be an essential aspect of the profession. If you get an assignment on the latest technological nursing tools, choose the best nursing assignment help in Canada.

  1. Male Nurses

Though nursing was a female-dominated profession, now it is beginning to diversify. We can see a new trend of males who are joining this profession. Across Canada, the number of male professionals has increased over the last decade.

Almost 6% of Canadian nurses can be identified as male nurses. This number continues to grow as more people are joining this course which is a significant change in this profession.

We already discussed the positive impact of nursing careers; now, let’s talk about its negative impact.

Negative Impact

  1. Shortages of Nurses 

According to the analysis by Scheffler & Arnold 2018, there will be a shortage of 117,600 nurses in Canada by 2030. Another data of concern (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario) for nurses in 2020, almost every 3rd of registered nurse was older than 50 or nearing their retirement age.

Thus, it proves that more professionals are needed to handle nursing capacities in the near term. To overcome the issue of nursing, jurisdictions have hired retired nurses and given them incentives.

For facts like these, students always need homework help in Canada because they often have to mention such information in their homework.

  1. Gender Issue

There is a significant stereotype in nursing that this profession is only for women, not men. This makes this thing more sensitive, and there is always a shortage of nursing professionals. Government needs to address this issue seriously.

  1. More Dangerous Jobs

Nursing has become a dangerous job, especially at the time of covid – 19. Many health professionals, including nurses, lost their lives. Due to a large number of deaths, nurses are facing mental issues, especially trauma. Students need Nursing Assignment Help for such information.

All these points prove the shortcomings in the field of nursing. So, we have already discussed the latest trends in the nursing profession, and let’s discuss the required skills needed to become a Nurse.

Important Skills needed to become a Good Nurse

Here are some important skills needed to become a good Nurse.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is a skill that is needed to give & receive information, and it consists of active listening, empathising and even speaking. Nurses also have to build these skills, as they need to continue communicating with their patients and other health – professionals.

Sometimes they also prepare reports of various patients and vaccination schedules. To know in detail, seek homework help to learn more about it.

  1. Critical Thinking Requirement

This refers to the situations where students develop suitable solutions to their issues. In nursing, you may face various healthcare issues or attention that need critical solutions. However, having excellent necessary thinking skills makes you think quickly even after considering the essential factors.

  1. Time Management Skills

It helps you to complete the task before the deadline. It involves the setting of assignment goals, setting of prioritising tasks, also multi-tasking etc.

Nurses attend to many patients on a fixed schedule, so they have to give proper time to all the patients. To understand the importance of time management, you always need nursing homework help.

  1. Physical Endurance & Great Team Work

It is the potential to do something(work) for long hours or periods. Hospital nurses do many things like help patients walk, stay on their feet and do other things. On the other hand, teamwork skills also provide the utility. Teamwork means when one nurse is collaborating with other health professionals or nursed to reach a common goal.

Good medical care, support & treatments typically needed a joint effort. Good teamwork skills can make you a nice fit for a healthcare facility’s work culture. Having brilliant teamwork skills also involves being reliable & display solid personal skills.

  1. Ethics & Privacy

Ethics means moral fundamentals that conduct your behaviour & decisions. Nurses must pursue a strict ethics code because their decision can affect a patient’s life. Also, they should maintain the privacy of medical records & ensure you only pass information to authorised professionals & family members. Get the best homework help to know more about it.

  1. Attention to detail

They need to have good observation skills to spot issues before they become serious. Attention requires reading, following directive carefully & taking accurate notes about a patient’s health. It also includes spotting non-verbal cues & determining when a patient is fit to leave a facility.

  1. Having Leadership Skills

Having a leadership lesson is very important when it comes to having leadership skills. Sometimes nurses get high positions in the hospital and have to manage people. With this, how to manage the patients is also very important. Seek the top Nursing Assignment Help if you need any assistance.

All these are essential skills to become a qualified nurse, and as a university student, you should know them. Other than this, if you need any assistance, then get the best homework help in Canada. They have PhD-level experts who have field experience as well. If there is a topic that is tough to understand or you need to learn how to write a university assignment?

Then seek assistance for sure. These experts give you online tutoring; one-to-one guided sessions, academic writing training, doubt clear sessions, free sample papers, free proofreading/editing services for academic work & many more things.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Salary of Nursing Professional

The average salary in Canada is $67000 per annum. But you must remember that it also depends on different careers and locations. For example, the average wage in Ontario is $79570, whereas, in Quebec, it is $68,708. To get such insights, you may need professional Nursing Assignment help.

  1. Government Jobs in Nursing Professional

Yes, Canada also has government jobs in the field of nursing. Different states might need different kinds of nurses for public health. So, they release some posts, and you need to search online about them.

  1. Age Limit for the Nurses in Canada

There is no active age in the nursing profession in Canada; some can be in their 50s, while others can be in their 70s. But the person who is hiring the nurse may consider your age.

  1. Type of Nurses in Profession?
  • Travel Nurse.
  • Hospice Nurse.
  • Nurse Aide.
  • School Nurse.
  • Triage Nurse.
  • Emergency Room Nurse.
  • Community Nurse.
  • Public Health Nurse.
  • Occupational Health Nurse.
  • Psychiatric Nurse.
  • Clinical Nurse.
  • Nurse Consultant.
  • Home Care Nurse.

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