Best Organic Chemistry Assignment Topics to Score Good Marks


Top 10 Organic Chemistry Assignment Topics And Techniques To Stand Out In The Class!


Chemistry is a division of science that deals with the substance and composition of matter. It includes the investigation of properties and reactions, which are used for such reactions to form new substances. There is a total of three sub-fields in chemistry; those are physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Talking about organic chemistry, then it is a branch of chemistry that deals with studies of the structure, reactions and properties of organic compounds. Compounds under organic chemistry contain carbon-carbon covalent bonds. You will also be studying the physical and chemical properties of these bonds and observing thier behaviours.

Organic chemistry mainly consolidates the study of carbon particles. In organic chemistry assignment, teachers give multiple different topics to students. Sometimes, students don’t get any topics to write on from their teachers, which means they have to choose a topic to write on. This puts pressure on them to choose an accurate topic on which to write their assignment.


Top Ten Organic Chemistry Assignment Topics

As said above, when it‘s up to students to select a topic to make their assignment on out of the plethora of topics, they have to choose what suits them and their understanding. Choosing the right topic to write on from your entire syllabus is a hectic task. This is why under this section, we have included ten highly weightage covering topics in the section below. So you can pick any topic front these in order to make your organic chemistry assignment.     

  • Alkanes-:
    Alkanes are thought of as acyclic saturated hydrocarbons. Alkanes are carbon and hydrogen atoms; all bonds under the carbon bonds are single. Alkanes have a general chemical formula, CnH2n+2. It is one of the fundamental topics in chemistry.
  • Organic reactions-:
    Organic reaction is one of the essential topics of organic chemistry. Organic reactions include only organic compounds. These are some reactions that occur in organic reactions: substitution reactions, photochemical reactions, redox reactions, rearrangement reactions, pericyclic reactions, etc. Most man-made inventions like plastics, drugs, fabrics, food additives and fabrics are possible because of organic synthesis reactions.     
  • Aromaticity-:
    Aromaticity carries properties of the cyclic and planar structure, which gives a ring of resonance bonds that increases stability as compared to another connective or geometric arrangement of the same set of atoms. Aromatic compounds also react with other types of substances.  
  • Ethers-:
    Ethers are one of the most comprehensive and significant topics when it comes to organic chemistry assignments. They are classes of organic compounds that contain an ether group which means any oxygen atom connected to two aryl or alkyl groups. It has the general formula of R–O–R′, where R and R’ symbolise the alkyl or aryl groups. 
  • Nomenclature-:
    Nomenclature is one of the fundamental topics in chemistry; at the same time, it is one of the famous topics when it comes to assignment writing. Nomenclature is all about naming the organic compounds and substances in chemistry. The IUPAC expanded to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, which is about naming different organic chemical compounds. one can not agree more if we say that nomenclature is one of the most loved topics when it comes to nomenclature.
  • Intermolecular forces-:
    “Intermolecular forces” is again one of the most chosen topics for organic chemistry assignments. Intermolecular forces are known for the mediate interaction between molecules. You will study about forces of attraction or repulsion between molecules under intermolecular forces. Also, other types of neighbouring particles like atoms and their functioning come under intermolecular forces.     
  • Phosphines-:
    Phosphines have a chemical formula of PH3. It is one of the colourless, flammable gases and toxic compounds. Phosphines are also considered a group of organophosphorus compounds with the formula R3P. One of the most versatile compounds, which have multiple different characteristics. Students often pick this topic because of the plethora of content they can research and write about. You can also choose it  as your assignment writing topic if you want to learn about Phosphines in-depth. 
  • Benzene-:
    Benzene is one of the most meaningful compounds in organic chemistry; its molecular formula is C6H6. Generally, six carbon atoms are all joined together in a ring, with a hydrogen atom bonded to each carbon. Benzene is also assumed to be a natural constituent of crude oils.
  • Amines-:
    Amines are one of the functional groups; their compounds mainly contain a basic nitrogen atom with a single pair. Usually, amines are considered derivatives of ammonia formally. In amines, the substituents have substituted more than one hydrogen atom.
  • Enol-:
    Enols are formerly alkenols, an intermediate or reactive structure in organic chemistry. That is mainly represented as an alkene with a hydroxyl group. That is attached to one end of the alkene. It is also one of the best organic chemistry assignment topics for chemistry students to write outstanding assignments.

How You Can Stand Out With Your Organic Chemistry Assignment 

Every student will be making an assignment as it’s part of their academic sessions. How can you make yours to out stand out from all the assignments in your class? If you want your assignment to outshine all the others in the class. In this section of the article, let’s talk about some techniques/methods/ways you can follow to make an organic chemistry assignment that can attract your readers. These are elementary steps that you can follow while creating your assignments. 


  • Choose an outstanding topic:
    If you want your organic chemistry homework to outstand others, you should start by choosing the right topic. Choose a topic of your interest but also keep your readers on the same page. Do not forget you need a topic that is academically advanced too. This is why you will need more content and research to include inside your assignment. In the above section of this article, we have included some topics which students often pick for assignment making. 
  • Create a separate page for indexing:
    Making a catchy index is essential; your professor doesn’t have enough time to read your whole assignment in one glance. Students often forget to make an index; an index means giving insights into your assignment to your readers. Under your index, include every heading and major topic which you have elaborated on inside. Write the page number in front of the heading so that your professor can access and look at the specific section they want. 
  • Highlight important statements:
    You might include lots of essential statements, reactions, equations, etc. if you simply write them in between the lines, no one will be able to identify them. This is why you should either bold them or write them in italics; you can also highlight them with different colours; else, write them under a box or underline them. This is why your teacher’s eye will get those specifically highlighted statements while going thoroughly through your assignment.        

The Final Conclusion:

Assignment-making is not easy; while studying in school, we all hated them. When it comes to organic chemistry assignments being one of the problematic subjects, they are equally pain in the veins. The task is not only to choose the right topic for assignment writing but also to make them different from others so that you can outstand others. In the above article, we have included some relevant topics that you can choose for your assignment.


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