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Redefining the Role of the Teachers: Teaching Method for Weak Students


Indeed, the entire motive of the human race is to build in themselves the idea of what is hidden in the dimensions of this never-ending time and universe. The curiosity to learn more about the world has brought us this far and has opened new dimensions of developmental research in almost all fields. 

All this was possible because humans as a civilization decided to explore, learn, and grow more in terms of power, status, emotions, and culture. What do you think was the basis of all this? From where an individual finds their way to the future? 

For ages, schooling and the entire academic curriculum have been a fundamental driving force to reinvent the young brains and mold them into a case specifically prepared to be curious.  

A teacher is a person whose occupation is to instruct, and the primary thing that has remained the same in the history of millions and billions of years of this civilization is the teacher-student relationship. Although, the teaching methods have been a part of the change, i.e., instructed by the transformation in the technology and professional development in the teaching field. 

This blog tries to offer valuable information about the modern teaching methodology and the ways in which it can be reinvented. However, we would also be focusing on the teaching methods that must be utilized to address the problems of weak students. The data and facts mentioned here can be used by the students for their research paper writing and assignment writing projects. 

Why should we focus on the teacher-student relationship? 

teacher- student relationship

As per the reports of the United Nations,

  • The number of youth counterproductive in performing basic mathematical skills worldwide stands at 617 million, a considerable stat to focus on. 
  • Only 60 percent of young students will complete senior secondary by 2030.
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire dynamics and has forced over 1.6 billion children to opt out of school. 
  • 396 million students dependent on their school meals were forced to look for other alternatives. 

How do teachers find their role here, and why are such facts even relevant to this topic? Isn’t it the fault of educational infrastructure? 

The quality of learning has been degraded regarding the value of knowledge. Sometimes places with adequate infrastructure do lack sufficient tutors and staff to address the students. The motivation of teachers has a major role in various aspects associated with the students, like their progress, efficiency, and especially the factors including the drop-out rates.  

The contemporary teaching style has a lot of drawbacks that need to be taken care of before it’s too late, and teachers, as a promising workforce, have the potential to change these age-old traditions and techniques to build a solid core of the students. 

The UNESCO Institutes for Statistics (UIS) showcases the shortage of 69 million well-trained and experienced teachers worldwide to assure the effectiveness of the educational policies and measures taken by global institutions. The report also covers the impact of teacher leadership to student learning.

What does a teacher do for a student? Redefining their role.

“Ensure that teachers and educators are empowered, adequately recruited, well-trained, professionally qualified, motivated and supported within well-resourced, efficient and effectively governed systems.”

Incheon Declaration.

In this section, we have enlisted some suggestions for tutors and modern educational institutes that will help them redesign their curricula. Also, these tips are established on the fact that students with mental or physical disabilities are also a core part of the future workforce and including them in the mainstream is a part of this teaching profession. Such innovative ideas, including visualization, and imagination, work well with gifted children. If you are a teacher, do work on it and share your practical experiences. 

  • Adequate focus on learning and concept building 

The current educational system tends to become a part of an imaginary race and has kept low standards for actual learning and concept building. No doubt, professionals working as a teacher do promote educational values, but the contemporary result-oriented system shows less importance to practicals and comprehension. 

Why is it so? How can you even feel a fabric without touching it? 

Not always is it a fault of any tutor or a student. The way the teachers are trained in the present scenario demands a drastic change. Students need a practical understanding of the topics they are being taught. There are certain samples like a working model of a solar system, a globe, and a skeleton that is used in the anatomy classes that have been successful in displaying the essence of the topic to which students can interrelate and learn. The power of human imagination and thinking is beyond the limit of our researchers, and the only way to embrace it is to satisfy each and every doubt of a child that comes out of curiosity.

  • Innovative methods for more interactive sessions

non conventional teaching method

At the same time, the impact of teacher behavior on students’ learning is often considered an actual point of discussion in a teacher-student relationship debate. Students preparing for an essay or an assignment can refer to these resources to help them gather facts and data related to the teacher-student relationship. (Teacher behavior and student learning)

  • Effectively using assignments to improve learning 

Assignments have been considered a core pillar of academics for ages and will never fade in the near future. It is an undeniable fact that assignments create a situation full of stress and anxiety for students, but the ways they promote self-learning, discipline and time management make it worthy. However, we have managed to cover certain aspects here that will work as a sample to learn the effects of assignment writing on students. There are a number of assignment formats that try to inculcate in the students’ habits of rational thinking, cognitive approach, and investigation (research). Teachers can use essay writing, homework writing, dissertation writing, and case study writing assignments to assure students’ engagement with the ongoing topic.

  • Smart and technological solutions to enhance productivity

Here comes the role of technology in a modern teacher-student relationship that can enhance productivity in terms of learning outcomes. There are substantial effects of teaching and learning resources on the academic performance of the students, especially for the weaker students. Of course, there are hundreds of projects that are considered by the researcher to provide technology-enabled classrooms for youthful learners. Such modern and tech-savvy methods also assist teachers in tracking the progress of the entire class and focus more on the weaker students. 

At the same time, we already have various options that can be used by the tutors to make a solid impact on learning.

  • The use of videos & audio with the help of live video streaming tools. 
  • Podcasting and smart learning apps. 
  • Interactive use of video games and simulations
  • The use of highly interactive and appealing whiteboards.  
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality. 
  • Learning management systems and virtual classrooms
  • Adaptive learning algorithms 
  • An adequate feedback and coordination system for parents. 

The era of digital education has just begun, and becoming a part of this revolutionary change can offer positive results. Teachers curious to learn and proficient enough to address this change can prove to be the best asset for the entire educational system. 

Way forward: 

There are specific ways to promote learning among young students, yet the impact of a reliable and competent teacher can never be superseded. Still, what we can do here is to produce a substantial force of well-trained, equipped, and skilful teachers who can become the face of change. Looking forward to the issues prevailing in the current scenarios, proper infrastructure, teacher training programs, technologically advanced curriculum, and behavioral training sessions can bring a magical change in the entire approach.

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