Pros & Cons of C++ & Java Programming Language


Pros & Cons of C++ & Java Programming Language

C++ and Java programming languages are used for the development of software, games, heavy software etc. Do you know why? because they provide various benefits for the programming developer.

Here we will discuss some pros & cons of these languages. All the information will be covered by the experts of Programming assignment help in Canada. First, we will cover C++ and, later, Java.

About C++

First, we will discuss this language and later study its advantages for the game development sector.

The Programming language C++ was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist. This language was designed as an extension of the C language, known as C with Classes.

Classes are the code templates for creating objects & C++ (a superset of C language). C++ language was licensed as a product in 1985. This language has gone through many developments & revisions all these years.

Although it is one of the most complex languages to learn, it provides many benefits for doing different things like game development. Like other languages, Java also has many advantages.

We call this language object-oriented, which means it breaks the game into different logical objects during development. Each piece of the code is an object, meaning the code is easy to understand & can be used easily. Seek the Programming Assignment help to learn more about it.

Now we have some ideas about this language, let’s discuss its advantages.

Advantages/Pros of C++

Now we have some idea about C++, and it is time to select the tech stack & determine its suitability for excellent work. It is one of the oldest programming languages out there, which makes it feature-rich, and highly dynamic with many advantages.

  1. Portability

We need to care about the hardware during the coding process, but C++ has lifted this burden from us. This made this language platform – Independent, which means we can run the code on any operating system we want. The same advantage we get from Java as well. To know more, we need to get Java assignment help.

Object-Oriented Structure: Its object- oriented way provides features like:

  • Class
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Data abstraction

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All these terminologies support the code usability and ensure work projects’ reliability. You can also handle coding issues more flexibly. Due to such qualities, developers choose C++ for game as well as other purpose.

  1. Multi-Paradigm

The term paradigm implies the planning & style of Coding & also indicates the structure, logic & procedure of any program. There are three types of paradigms of programming.

  1. Object-Oriented

This is used for methods & classes for more reusability & reliability.

  1. Generic

This is used when a single plan creates multiple goals. Seek the programming assignment help to know more about it.

  1. Low-level control

At some level, it also allows common-level control of any data because there is a connection between C++ and C, a procedural language. Such power helps in the efficiency of memory & performance.

  1. Memory Management

In C++ programming language, memory management has more autonomy. This language will give you complete control over the process. This all happens because it supports the DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation).

  1. Its Closeness with C

C & C++ are very close languages to each other because C++ was created with C.

  1. High Speed & Scalability

C++ is based on Compilers; hence, it does not have any specific runtime in the program. Due to being pre-interpreted, the code in C++ is faster & stronger. Also, it provides Scalability. The program is run both on a large scale and a large scale. We can build suitable applications via C++. Get the best programming assignment help to know more about it.

Note: Popular Games like Counter-Strike, StarCraft and Warcraft were made by using C++. These games also made the Unreal game engine and gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation & XB0x. Hence, it is intensively used for game development because it can optimize all the resources.

So we already discussed its advantages, let’s talk about its disadvantages:

Disadvantages of C++

Like every other language, this language also has some drawbacks, but it does not affect the project’s work. Now let’s discuss its disadvantages:

  1. Pointers

They are complex tools & require a lot of memory. Even a single error can cause a crash in the system. Here debugging takes a lot of time.

  1. The problem in Security

It is object-oriented programming, so security is good, but due to the use of pointers, friend functions and global variables, sometimes it is vulnerable. Get the best Programming assignment help for it.

  1. No Garbage Collector is Present

Though C++ gives you complete control over memory management, it also has drawbacks, like the absence of a garbage collector. It excludes the unnecessary data which should be filtered automatically, which leads to an increase in memory.

  1. Less Flexible & Complexity

This language is very complex and incompatible with platform-dependent apps. Also, this language is very harsh when it comes to Syntax. Even a minor mistake can cause many problems, so you must seek Programming assignment help if there is a problem related to Syntax.

So, these are some disadvantages of the C++ programming language. Now we will discuss another most used programming language, which is Java. Let’s discuss its advantages first.

Advantages/Pros of Java Programming Language

Java has been one of the most efficient Programming languages for a very long time. It has many benefits and helps programmers to solve complex real-world problems. Here we will discuss all the pros & cons of Java Programming Language.

Pros of Java

There are many advantages which are provided by Java programming:

  1. Simple

The Java language is straightforward because it is easy to understand & learn, and it is short and one of the simplest languages in the world of programming. In addition, Java has removed all the destructive features of C++, like pointers, Unions structure etc.

  1. Object-Oriented

We already know that procedural languages are very tough & hard to understand. By using the OOPs concept, Java is hard to implement & provides enough security. It also quickly solves real-world problems and breaks large codes into small fragments. To understand it better, seek the top Java assignment help.

  1. Cheap & Economical to maintain

This language is simple to build, so it is cheap & easy to maintain. It can run on any machine regardless of the system’s hardware, which reduces the project’s overall cost.

  1. Platform Independent

It follows WORA’s feature, which means writing once and running anywhere. The usability of Java does not depend upon any hardware or another operating system; this makes the language more independent & flexible. Get the best Java assignment help to know more about it.

  1. High level and Supports Portability Features

This language is a high level which means human language. It is much more similar to English, and its Syntax is easy to understand for the programmer. It also has an interpreter which interprets the machine-level language to make it understandable.

  1. Portability Feature

Many developers call this language a very portable language. It is very independent and does not require any special hardware to run. Thus the java codes can be run on any system or device. Seek the Java assignment help to know it better.

  1. Provide Garbage Collector

In Java Programming, JVM automatically manages the memory. Due to this, it permanently removes the program and object which does not refer to the class. So, we do not need to write the extra code & thus, it supports garbage collection.

Cons of Java Programming Language’

Nothing in the world is perfect. Like other Java also has many cons, and some of them are given below:

  1. Poor & Slow Performance

It consumes more memory than other programming languages. It is also slower than others because the interpreter converts the code into the machine language. It also performs many backend functions which need Java assignment help.

  1. Poor GUI & backup Facility

Java has a poor GUI and cannot build a complex UI. Many frameworks in this language are used to create the GUI, like JavaFX, Swing and SWT etc. But other languages like Python have better GUI than Java.

  1. Memory Space Required & Complex Code

Java takes more space than other languages like C & C++. The memory management in Java is Poor. Due to the use of garbage collectors, their performance is affected badly. This language has many complex syntaxes. Due to this reason, programmers prefer C++ over Java. Seek the Java assignment help to know more about it.

  1. Commercial Licence

The organization, Oracle, announced they would charge a fee for Java11. Until then, it was free, making them worry because programmers now have to pay for new updates. Its general purpose is still accessible but to access all the drives, you need to spend some fee.

So, these are some drawbacks of the Java Programming language. If you are a student studying at any Canadian university and need assistance, then take it from the top Java Assignment Help. They have Ph.D.-level experts who can make assignments for you. They also provide technical support to their students, and many students get high grades after seeking assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between C and C++?

C C++
Fully Object – Oriented Language Partially Object – Oriented Language
Follows a top-down approach. Bottom-up Approach
It does not support the function Support function, as well as their overloading
Also, contain 32 keywords Contain 52 keywords

Q2. What are Access Modifiers?

It defines the accessibility of class members. It has three types:

  • Protected.
  • Public.
  • Private etc.
  • Seek the top Homework help to understand this concept better.

Q3. Which of the following Operators cannot be overloaded?

  • +.
  • ?.
  • %.

Q4. What are the different types of data types in C++?

  • Derived: Pointer & Array etc.
  • User – Defined: Class, Structured etc.
  • Enumeration: Enum etc.
  • Primitive: float, double, bool, In Chart etc.

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