Practical Tips for Nurses to Prevent Medication Errors


Practical Tips for Nurses to Prevent Medication Errors

Nursing is the glue that holds the patient and nurse’s journey together. They are the ones who spend all their time with the patient, which is why it is exhausting. Every year Nurse professionals and students who are learning this field need Nursing Assignment Help for their assignment work.

Sometimes they got topics like Health diversity, Critical care nursing, Nurse practitioners, mental health, methods to prevent error in nursing etc. If you are also a nursing student, this blog post fits you. Here we will discuss various tips to avoid medication errors in nursing work, and let’s discuss such information.

Tips for Nurses to prevent the medication errors

You can avoid major mistakes in the nursing process in many ways. Let’s discuss all these mistakes.

1. Better information about the Drugs

This is the best way to prevent medication errors. You must know about the drugs first and only give recommendations to the patient. If you do not know about this, the chances of medication errors will remain high.

It is difficult for the doctor to remember everything about the medicine or drugs. Regularly update your knowledge about the drug information, and it will improve your knowledge vastly. Get the best Nursing Assignment Help to know more about it.

2. Check the chart of the drug administration

Patient identification errors are one of the most frequent causes of drug errors. Overconfident nurses can administer the incorrect medication to the wrong patient. Most of the time, it occurs in wards where many patients are on a standard drug. To avoid this, you must inquire about administering medication.

Regardless of how well you know the patients, you should always double-check their names before giving them medication. You can identify and check on the medicine administration record by looking at the name tags rather than asking the patient. If you are making an assignment on this topic, get Aged Care Assignment Help to know more about it.

3. Check the Right Drug

Many drugs in the industry resemble each other. Apart from appearance, the names of the drugs can be similar, which is usually due to the Drug’s composition. However, it would be best to exercise extreme caution when administering medications to patients. Giving a similar-looking drug could be dangerous because these drugs work very differently and are used for different treatments.

These medications include Claritin and Claritin D-24, Glucotrol and Glucotrol, Anacin-3 and Anacin, Dioval, and many more. So, rather than relying on appearances or names, carefully examine the compositions and phrases—highlighting such points on your nursing assignment help.

4. The complete handbook of Drug

A drug handbook, as the name implies, is a book that contains all of the information about various drugs. While administering medications to patients, you can consult the handbook to learn more about these medications beyond the basics, and it will assist you in learning more about the drugs.

A doctor can prescribe different medications to patients suffering from the same disease. You will learn about the differences between medicines with the help of this handbook. Seeking the best nursing assignment help to know more about it.

5. Talk to pharmacists as well as doctors

Doctors can say the names of the drugs to the patient to follow while treating a patient. Make a note of the terms of the drugs on a pad. You Must note down all this information on the copy because you might need to remember them if you don’t write them down. If you forget the name of a drug or have doubts, ask the doctor to repeat it.

Rather than guessing the Drug and keeping your doubts to yourself, communicate with the doctor to find out the name. Lastly, if you are making an aged care assignment, remember to take help from the expert.

6. Ask for assistance if needed

If you are having trouble understanding the drugs, patients, or anything else, it is best to seek assistance from other nurses. It will assist you in learning about things and avoiding mistakes. You will also need help to identify the drugs and patients in the early stages, and you can get help from other nurses to learn them correctly and avoid mistakes or you can take nursing assignment help for yourself.

7. Prioritise the work

It knows how to manage the work & decide the priority. You may get many tasks at a single time. But first, give pertinent details to the critical case without neglecting the patient.

For example, consider there are two patients, A and Patient B; if the first one needs critical care & and the other needs just a daily walk, take care of patient A. Highlight all these points in Aged Care Assignment Help in the best possible way.

8. Always double-check some medicine like ear/eye drops

Every year many patients need help with the eye and the ear. The medicines like eye drops are given continuously. The bottle and its appearance often look the same, so you must look for it continually. If you ever make this mistake, it can cause severe problems for the patient.

You also need to take care of other things, but you need the top Nursing Assignment Help in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the 7 C’s in Nursing?

  • Competency.
  • Communication.
  • Consistency.
  • Cooperation.
  • Customs.
  • Conformity and Courage etc.

Q2. What are the 5 Core values of Nursing?

  • Compassion.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Humility.
  • Accountability.
  • Curiosity.

Q3. What are the common Nursing Questions?

  • Do you work well with the nurses, staff or others?
  • How would you handle a difficult patient?
  • How to handle stress in the workplace?
  • Explain how you manage the busy workload.

Q4. What are the different pillars of Nursing?

There are four main pillars in the field of nursing. These are:

  • Leadership & Collaborative Practice.
  • Developing Practice & Improving Quality.
  • Developing Self & Others.

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