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How To Write Assignment With Reference


Academic writing task has never been and will never be an easy task for students. Universities and colleges assign assignment writing tasks on different topics to the students to gain additional knowledge and enhance their skills in the respective subject they are pursuing in their careers. Whether you need to write an essay, assignment, research paper, thesis or dissertation, the university provides specific guidelines, and it is expected from all the students that the assignment should be written according to it. Though, the policies may vary in terms of formats and structuring. But the purpose of any assignment writing is that the reader must be able to understand it. All assignments should incorporate an introduction, main body, conclusion, citations, and references. It is so because some topics demand information taken from the source. If students fail to refer to the site or the source from where they have taken the data, then their assignment falls under the category of plagiarised. This writing will discuss how students can mention references in their projects.

What Is Referencing In Assignments?

Referencing is essential to any academic assignment as it holds a compelling amount of marks in exams. The efforts made in referencing are the base of a good assignment. However, for some students, it is an easy and fun task to research and reference, while for others, it is a terrifying task. The simple definition of referencing can be explained as a process in writing assignments where you need to give credit to the writers from where you have gathered information, data and facts. It also permits you to use the contribution of other writers in your research. With the help of proper referencing, you can provide evidence to support your arguments and claims. 

Referencing academic papers can devastate students who do not understand the standards. An awful reference can make students lose their marks in assigned tasks. Moreover, there are various approaches to reference. 

Why Is Referencing Needed?

While writing an assignment, you usually get your thoughts from different sources like books, journals, and sites. You might use critical information from these sources to help develop a much-disputed answer supported by proof. Below are some points explaining why referencing is essential in any assignment or academic paper.

  • It provides the original creator with acknowledgement for their thoughts and work.
  • It validates arguments by giving credit. 
  • It entitles the reader to recognize how dated the data may be.
  • It determines the professor that you read around the subject.
  • It helps you to stay away from plagiarism.

Different Types Of Referencing Styles:

Though there is no fixed referencing technique, there are different styles of referencing, among which students need to choose the one depending upon their academic writing type. Other referencing styles are mentioned below-

  • The Harvard referencing style-

The Harvard style is also called the author-date referencing style. In this style, there can be references at the end of the text or citations in the footnote. 

  • The APA referencing style-

The APA stands for American Psychological Association and is the referencing style used in the social science field. It also uses an author-date system. 

  • The Oxford referencing-

The Oxford referencing style is famous across the globe and is used by authors and students. This referencing type is renowned for its in-text citation and is easier to learn than the above two. 

Things To Remember While Referencing An Assignment:

You must remember the things mentioned below if you want to learn how to write assignments with references. In addition, students can take help from an assignment expert, who can assist them in learning effectively about how to insert a reference in an assignment. 

  • Understand the need for assignment referencing-

Some specific academic institutions have prepared rules on how to insert a reference in an assignment. However, the primary need to add citations in an academic paper is to remove all the possibilities of plagiarism and make the content unique. When students understand this, they can easily add a reference to their report correctly.

  • Learn the proper format-

Usually, while writing an assignment, students use APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago referencing style. However, when students are unsure how to add a reference, they must go through the university guidelines for proper structuring and formatting. 

  • Avoid clutter with style-

This is probably one of the common mistakes students make while adding a reference to their assignment. Students often mess up with different referencing styles that ultimately reduce their grades. 

How To Write Assignment With Reference?

Follow the below tips to effectively include a reference in your assignment.

  • Manage consistency-

The foremost thing to remember is to be consistent with the reference style format to make citation easier for you. Different colleges and universities have different rules and guidelines regarding the referring styles. So you must write an assignment with reference keeping the procedure in mind and ensuring you know what the university requires. Does the university require the MLA, APA, or Chicago format? However, the formatting style depends on the type and topic of the academic paper you are writing.

  • Include incidental citations-

Most students avoid inserting incidental references as they find it easier to rewrite a sentence from a source. However, missing the incidents results in misunderstanding the content and other issues. Moreover, any problem with the assignment will negatively impact the overall grades. 

  • Look for a referencing guide-

Correct referencing majorly depends on formatting accuracy and using a reference guide. You can take the help of Endnotes for some of the proper formatting of citations. However, you can also seek assistance from a professional who provides assignment help. The expert professional can help you correct the use of italics, commas, dots, dashes, and readability. Remember to double-check your punctuation in terms of style.

  • Explain the details-

After following the above steps, you should report all the details of the texts used in a different sheet, including the author’s name, title, text, and page numbers. 

  • Always proofread-

Whether you are writing an assignment or any other academic paper, and if you are considering reference management software, you should proofread and cross-check your citations and reference list. 

Final Thoughts:

Fundamentally, an assignment must include source references for getting increased grades and obtaining the degree. The above article mentioned some of the best tricks to write the project with respect and discussed various referencing styles.

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