How to Write an Economic Dissertation for High Grades?


How to Write an Economic Dissertation for High Grades?

The majority of degrees in the high-level end with a dissertation. But what is a dissertation? Sometimes known as a thesis, it is the final assignment of PhD degree. In many countries, it is known as a thesis.

Students pursuing their degree in Canada often ask for Dissertation Writing help to complete their assignments. But do you know why? We will explain later before first understanding what the Dissertation is.

What is a Dissertation?

It is a research project made as part of an undergraduate or Postgraduate degree. It allows the students to present their points of view or findings in response to the question.

The main objective of the Dissertation is to test the independent research skills they acquired during the university programs. Following your dissertation assessment, it helps in determining your final grade.

Although you can take some guidance from the professor or tutor, the overall project is largely independent. For many, it is longer, complex & very few can do it. Also, it requires months of preparation and hard work.

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So, we already understand the meaning of a Dissertation, and let’s discuss some essential guidelines for writing your economic Dissertation.

Methods of Writing an Economic Dissertation

Every student has their way of writing the Dissertation. But some of the guidelines are very important and followed by everyone.

1. Focus on the Topic

This is one of the most critical topics in the economic Dissertation. Here it would be best if you planned everything regarding your research paper. This process demands extensive reading & a time-consuming process.

Here you must utilize, all the course concepts and techniques used in the economic Dissertation. But except this, the most crucial thing about choosing a good economics dissertation topic is:

  • The case should be attractive enough throughout the Writing Process.
  • It should be feasible in terms of available data & time.
  • It should be academically valid to ensure that it is perfect from a theoretical point of view.

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2. Literature Review

It is equally a point of concern for you. Here you must have an in-depth understanding of theoretical concepts and research areas, and it should also show us the relevance between literature and work.

Also, it must focus on the critical aspects of research which are essential from your assignment point of view. Some of the good elements required in a good literature review are:

  • It must demonstrate the relationship between the dissertation question & research.
  • Must compile the information which is used to determine the research gaps.
  • It should identify what should be known or what has yet to be.
  • Must develop questions that require further exploration.

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3. Collection of authentic facts/information

This step helps you to assemble the economics dissertation database. You need to understand all the required data series to do this. In this process, you must be sure which data is necessary for what section.

Also, ensure that the data you need for the Dissertation is authentic and relevant. Because if you put even one fact wrong, it can severely affect your grades. That is why you get valuable insights from journals, books & many more etc. You can also take Dissertation Writing Help to know more such insights.

4. Results Generation

In the result section, your Dissertation requires the gathered data used in the research. As such, you are generating the results that need numerical data interpretation, models of economic application, hypothesis testing, coefficient estimation and many more.

Also, it is essential to note that results come out similar to what you expect, so they should be generated earlier enough to make them rationalize. Get the best Dissertation Writing Help to know more about it.

5. Dissertation for Conclusion

In the dissertation conclusion, we need to assemble the whole draft & write down their Conclusion. It would help if you started this by highlighting your central question, explaining how your studies advance the argument & then describing & interpret the result. If needed get homework help to know more about it.

All these points are essential from the Dissertation’s point of view. Now let’s discuss about its structure.

Structure for the Dissertation

The structure is fundamental from the Dissertation’s point of view. With this, your work will look good. So, give enough time to its structure as well as format.

  • Title Page

A dissertation always starts with the title page, containing many things like the research title & institution name when it is submitted. The university has different types of disciplines, and everyone requires other arrangements and title page components.

Always ensure you know everything before doing anything related to the title page components. Get help from the top homework help to learn more about it.

  • Acknowledgement Page 

This page allows you to write about the people’s names who are helpful during your research or dissertation writing. Generally, this page is optional and won’t count any marks, but from the theoretical point of view, it is the best practice. Familiar People you can mention on this page are:

  • Committee or the supervisor of your Dissertation.
  • Any professor or lecturer who helped you in achieving your goal.
  • Your family, friend or spouse etc.

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  • Table of Content Page

This section is very straightforward. Here you must write your table of contents & which should be followed by two lists like Figures & Tables. You can also use the table content generator of Microsoft Word to generate a table of content pages. Get help from any expert to know more about it.

Chapter One: Introduction

Here we explain more about the abstract. We present more in the Introduction about the abstract. As the abstract is short & concise, hence the Introduction constantly broadens the content. Your Introduction must address the following questions:

  • What will you invest in – in plain language or significant picture level?
  • Why are you investing in it? How is it essential to the business?
  • What is the aim of your research & Research questions?
  • How are you going to approach your research?
  • How will you give the structure to your Dissertation?

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Chapter Two: Literature View

To write this section of the Dissertation, you always have to work on & research the topic. Studying many books, journals & research articles to collect information would be best. After that, all of them are analyzed & connections are made from the different types of information.

One must read previous work and research the topic to write a literature review. Journals, books and research articles are used to collect information which is later analyzed; then, connections are made from the data collected. Gaps are identified, hence finding ways to build more on what is present. Seek the best Dissertation Writing Help to know more about it.

Chapter Three: Methodology

It shows us the way that the research has been collected. Such information is used to present and research the collected data. Also, the data analysis method, advanced tools, limitations & justification are described. In the methodology section, you need to convince the reader that the goal of your research has been met.

Chapter Four: Findings

This section always gives the result of the methodology. In some disciplines, discussions & findings can be explained together, while in others, they are different. All the data, like tables, histograms & charts, help show the results. If you ever get confused, seek homework help in Canada.

Chapter Five: Discussion

Now you present your data analyses, it is the perfect time to interpret them. In other words, it is the best time to find the meaning, especially your research questions. What you will discuss here will largely depend upon the chosen methodology.

Moreover, you also have to discuss the results of your research questions. What do your results tell you about the research questions? Dig deep into the findings & explain what these findings suggest in straightforward language & if you need any help, then get it from the best Dissertation Writing Help.

With this, there is another chapter as well, “Conclusion”. At last “Reference list” & “Appendix” should be added in your dissertation,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the meaning of a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a published piece of academic research. Through this Dissertation, we can become an expert in a specific niche. After writing it, you also need to defend it in a committee of experts in some universities.

Q2. Why Dissertation is Important?

It is an essential paper in a doctoral-level program. Due to following reasons given below, it is necessary:

  • It contributes novel research to the field, supports innovation & growth etc.
  • It also requires the students to do some level of study and sharpen their skills.
  • Makes up for strong communication & critical thinking skills.
  • Requires deep research and literature review.

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Q3. How do you write a dissertation?

A dissertation process follows the schedule given below:

  • Research the field & get to know about a potential topic
  • Get a meeting with the expert & improve your case.
  • Do a literature review.
  • Conduct the research.
  • Write the Dissertation & then edit it.
  • Defend your Dissertation.

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