How to write a Finance Proposal


How to write a Finance Proposal

A financial proposal is a document where you write about how you will achieve your goal & other details! but, what kind of details? Many students know these details but do not know how to represent them on paper to get high grades on their homework.

That is why they need management assignment help to complete their work successfully. If you also get an assignment on such a topic, this blog post is for you because here we will describe the efficient method to write a finance proposal. All these methods are explained by the Management Homework Help carefully.

Methods of Writing a Finance Proposal

Here we will give you some situations for which you have to write a finance proposal.

The Situation: Your organization needs funds immediately from a bank or other people. People who will provide the money will need something in writing in the form of a finance proposal.

The methods given below will tell you how to write a finance proposal for this particular situation.

Step 1: Make an Outline

Whenever you need money from a bank or group of people, capital firm or any government program, you are expected to provide a document containing all the following information.

  • Cover page: Here, you will write a company name, telephone number, internet address, key contacts and address. You can also take Management Homework Help for this.

Step 2: Table of Contents:

  • The reference should be taken from the table of contents page.
  • Summary: It is a one-page summary of the industry, including competitors.
  • Management Structure: Write responsibilities, qualifications as well as background here.
  • The service & Product.
  • The Market: Write financial Performance, production/supply – past & future.
  • Financing Outline: Give more highlights to the application of funds.
  • Basic Information: Lawyers, banks, accountants, board of directors and shareholders.
  • Appendices: use this for the detailed information as a primary presentation.

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Step 3: Make a Strong Impression

The summary can make or break your proposal, so write it carefully. It should generate interest in the mind of the reader. It can easily be modified and depends upon who is receiving the proposal & for what objective. Its summary should contain the following things:

  • What company is and does it?
  • It’s History.
  • Describe its future.
  • What company needed to get there, like the amount of money and other sources?
  • Always keep it simple & honest.

For example:

How to write a Finance Proposal


Step 4: Make a detailed Proposal

You can easily make a comprehensive document by writing the outline for your proposed proposal. Some of the guidelines are:

1. Background

  • It gives an overall picture of the company and how it reached its current position.
  • By whom and where was it founded?
  • How it arrived at the current situation.
  • How was it developed? Write about years, dates & critical milestones.

2. Management

  • Gives an overview of the key management people like title, name, education and even experience.
  • Responsibilities & contribution of an organization chart if available. Get Management assignment help to know more about it.

3. Services/ Products

  • Unique patents.
  • Application and their uses.
  • Description (Literature and brochures in the appendix).

4. The market

  • Competition.
  • Size and share.
  • Different types of distribution channels.
  • Describes development as well as growth.

5. Production & Supply

  • Outline – Size, location, special features & terms, present & potential capacity, equipment.
  • Overhead & allocations.
  • Direct Costing, and how it is controlled through computerized and mechanical ways.
  • Employees, unionized, numbers, half & full-time wages rates.
  • Inventories, recording systems, control, primary supplies & average annual order, how it is checked & responsibilities for follow through etc.

6. Financial Performance

  • For example, use the loss table and the summary profit below to establish the past Performance & also project the future Performance of the company.
  • Details regarding the cash flow, profit as well as loss. You can also take management assignment help to understand this concept in much better way,.
  • This section includes many things, like the cost of the goods, sales, selling costs, and pre-tax profit.
  • Percentage of sales,
  • High & low estimates for the future.
  • In the worst-case scenario, the requirement of the cash scenario.
  • Forecast of cash slow – Give options regarding the cash-in & cash-out/ balance for three years.

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Step 5: Targeting your Strength

One thing you must remember is that your financial position should be written loud and clear, and it should emphasize your strengths and an upside. It is also essential to know about the upside as well.

It will help you show the risks and how you will cope with them. Also, you have to modify the proposal according to different people, like:


  • Inventory & particularly receivables & security.
  • The flow of cash to the interest as well as repayment.
  • Performance of the past, including checks, reputation and credit.
  • Collateral personal and available. Get management homework help to know more about it.

Term lenders

  • Fixed & long-term assets.
  • The flow of cash to cover the repayment and valuation of the interest.
  • Past Performance of the insurance policies.

Venture Capital Firms

  • Sufficient growth to provide returns.
  • Management.
  • Credibility & Experience.
  • Your financial commitment.
  • Total availability of the equity.
  • What is your goal in five to six years- make your company public, get out and sell to another company, etc.? Take management assignment help to know more about it.

Step 6: Make the Approach

When you have a good business plan, it’s time to reach out to like-minded people. Here are some tips which are given below:

  • Start Early – First, you need to start as early as possible.
  • Always start with the people & who knows you.
  • Ask for the introduction & Referrals.
  • Never restrict yourself to one person.
  • Always send your confidential paper.
  • Summarize the key points.
  • Always listen carefully to all the comments.
  • If you are turned down, know why?
  • Before making any appointment, research the resources. Get management homework help to know more about it.

At last, if you are doing an assignment on such a topic, take some external guidance. Otherwise, there are significantly fewer chances that you will get good grades on your homework. Due to the many steps involved, you can easily forget some important ones, which can lead to the dedication of grades which obviously you do not want because it can also affect your overall rates.

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