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Hot Topics and Ideas in Emergency Nursing


Are you looking for a certified emergency nursing course? This blog, penned after thorough research, will try to offer you some of the hot topics and ideas in emergency nursing. Let’s try to know how this all came into being. 

What will be the standard response of a person facing a sudden trauma or illness? Definitely, an expert capable of addressing such a situation can change the entire scenario. Such factors were among some compelling reasons that worked as a driving force to make emergency nursing as a separate and essential discipline. In the 1854 Crimean War, Florence Nightingale became the first emergency nurse to offer emergency care to the wounded. Gradually, with the formation of the emergency department nurse association (EDNA) in 1970, it got a professional touch. 

However, emergency nursing is an extensive discipline that starts with the preliminary care that is usually provided by the patient’s relatives or the ones present near to them while the incident takes place. However, this discipline tries to prepare an easily accessible force of emergency nurse practitioners trained in efficiently handling such types of medical emergencies. Basically, the word ‘emergency’ is used for the patients who need adequate yet immediate treatment to eliminate fatality or the possibility of further health degradation of the patients. 

As mentioned above, we have covered specific topics that can be either progressive, representing the reforms in the current scenario or are needs a bit of awareness among the people. Such topics can also be used by the students preparing for their emergency nursing courses and are in search of nursing assignment topics online. Have a look at the topics that are covered by our nursing assignment help experts: 

  • Handling paediatric fall victims 


Paediatrics, also known as childcare, refers to the branch of medicine that deals with the medical issue related to children, adolescents, and infants. In related studies, the rate of paediatric fall-related injuries is seen between 36% to 58%, and these numbers are enormous. Such incidents likely cause fractures, head injuries, and even minor injuries like skin brushing. Considering the age of the child, paediatric fall-related injuries can be the major point of research if you belong to emergency nursing practices. Some crucial factors are fall risk assessments, Humpty dumpty scale, environmental factors, medications, primary care, and the child’s response to surgery or anaesthesia. Furthermore, the factors associated with fall risk intervention can also prove valuable for a certified emergency nurse.

  • Effect of tasers and cardiac disorder

Primarily, a taser is a sort of an electroshock weapon system that is frequently used to incapacitate people in a pretty safe manner. Tasers, also known as Electronic Control Devices (ECD), can provoke heart problems as per the studies conducted by the American Heart Association. Tasers are equipped with compressed gases to fire electrodes capable of initiating a shock of around 50000 volts of electricity. What makes it harmful to the heart’s health? Such a device tends to produce irregular heartbeats known as ventricular arrhythmias, which may lead to immediate cardiac arrest. It can prove to be a fatal weapon if directly attacked at the chest of an individual. However, it seems a bit too interesting to study, right? You can select it as a topic for your research. 

  • Dealing with miscarriage

Studying the signs and symptoms of a miscarriage is one of the most studied topics when it comes to emergency care. At the same time, what causes a miscarriage, missed miscarriage, and research related to preventive and emergency care associated with such incidents is a significant point of interest for various researchers. The studies related to the exact situation of a miscarriage, like the formation of an embryo, have become possible just because of the present and available technologies to detect such issues. Furthermore, such a write-up must consider the relevant sub-topics like expectant management, medical treatment, and surgical treatment. Read more about it. If you are starting to write an assignment on this topic, you can directly approach our nursing homework help experts for professional assistance.

  • In cases of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is among the major psychiatric conditions that are uncertain and need emergency treatments. The combination of aggression, psychosis, agitation, and impulsivity can be attributed to such psychiatric emergencies. The preliminary requirement to attend such cases needs a sound understanding of the signs and symptoms shown by the patient. Mental health emergencies can be classified according to specific triggers like a pre-existing condition and humanitarian response. As far as your international emergency nursing course topic is concerned, mental disorders, especially bipolar disorder, provide you with lots of opportunities to work. 

  • The principles and practices of first aid


What are the principles of first aid? The aim of providing first aid can be seen as to preserve life. Indeed, preventing further deterioration of the health, promoting adequate recovery procedures, and calming down the situation can be the direct approach that needs to be followed by health care professionals. Apart from that, specific procedures like:

  • Assessing the consciousness of the patients
  • Check for open the airways 
  • The circulation of blood needs to be checked on priority. 
  • Look for any sort of bleeding, effort to control the bleeding (if any)

Usually, students, while researching the topic, need to conduct an in-depth investigation on the types of hazards, where the need for first aid is quite high. The study focused on different types of hazards can prove to be interesting to study as well as for the examiners. Such hazards can be classified into certain types mentioned below: 

Biological hazards: Such hazards found their origin in insects, plants, viruses, birds, bacteria, and many more. They can act as a vector, and the concerned person may need primary care. 

Chemical hazards: The situation arises from the usage or consumption of chemical substances like cleaning agents, acids, or poisons.

Radiation hazards: The care that needs to be given to the victim of radioactive exposures can be a significant point that can contribute to your research topic. 

Apart from these, students can also work on physical hazards like the situations that arise out of slippery surfaces, etc. Emergency medicine nurse practitioners may also find it interesting to work on psychological hazards and safety hazards. 

  • Improving rural access to an emergency: 

Meeting the needs of rural access to emergency care is a significant challenge for the modern healthcare system. The penetration of healthcare workers at the grassroots level of society is a must to reduce fatalities. At the same time, the impact of clinical care, mobile clinic, and telemedicine has brought up a significant change in some instances. Access to care and quality of care needs to be taken care of while researching this type of question. For becoming an ER nurse, it is a must for the students to promote a research-based and reformist approach, particularly if you are covering them for the assignments. 

Among the golden rules of emergency nursing, the first one, i.e., ‘An emergency is an emergency. It is not in retrospect!’ Emergency nursing is counted as one of the most tricky disciplines to excel in. It needs sound levels of medical proficiency as well as mental stability of a healthcare professional to attend to such situations. Well, if you are enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate course in nursing or registered in an ER nurse program and facing issues with the assignment or research paper topics, you can definitely call our nursing assignment writers to guide you from the basics. 

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