Code of Conduct & Ethics for Nursing Professionals in Canada


Code of Conduct & Ethics for Nursing Professionals in Canada

Code of Conduct & Ethics plays an essential role in every profession. It is like a rulebook that is necessary for every employee and employer. Without it, no organization can run efficiently.

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Main Difference between Code of Conduct & Ethics

Both these manuals are almost similar as they are used to motivate specific forms of behaviour by the employees. The Code of Conduct arises from the Code of ethics as it changes the rules into detailed instructions that the members of every organization should follow.

The guidelines for ethics are comprehensive, non-specific & made to provide a set of values that help employees make independent decisions about the most appropriate course of action.

It is up to the employee whether they want to consider such instructions, as there is no penalty if we do not obey them. On the other hand, the Code of Conduct is compulsory for every employee. You follow or pay the fine.

A Code of Conduct provides clear expectations about which actions are tolerable or prohibited. In the end, in both cases, organizations expect modest behaviour from their employees.

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Code of Ethics in Nurses Discipline

The Code of ethics for nurses is all about the commitment to the person who needs health – care needs. It is made by the nurses so that they practise ethically & working through the challenges that arise in front of the person, family & Public health system.

It provides ethical relationships and behaviours & helps in decision-making. It also means self-reflection, and evaluation & provides a basis for peer review. It also serves as a moral basis from which health professionals can ask for a quality environment that supports safe & competent care. You can even take Nursing Assignment Help for this case.

Now, if we talk about the Code specifically, then it is divided into two parts, Values of Nursing & Ethics Responsibility. It explains the core responsibilities of nursing practice. These responsibilities are attached to these seven values, alive in the nurse’s relationships with the population, groups, communities, and students.

  • It provides safe, competent & compassionate, ethical care.
  • It also promotes health & healthy – being.
  • It also encourages & respecting informed decision-making.
  • Maintain Confidentiality & Privacy.
  • Being Accountable as well as promoting justice.
  • Maintain the dignity of the patient.
  • Being Accountable.

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Part 2 of Ethics of Nursing

The ethical nursing practice addresses the social justice associated with healthy – being & health. It also tries to address social inequities. Sometimes individual values and ethics also overlap due to various reasons.

In every healthcare professional, values conflict. Such values must be dealt with carefully because they can affect the patient’s health and Concern. When such ethical disputes occur, they should use the honest mode to avoid conflict.

As a student, you can always take nursing assignment help to learn more about it. The practices involved in nursing have both ethical & legal dimensions. Still, these both remain distinct. Ideally, we talk about law & value, and then both should be compatible.

However, there will be some situations where nurses collaborate with others to change the policy that contradicts the ethical practice. When such a situation occurs, the Code always guides & supports the nurses in changes to law or practice. Code can become a helpful instrument so that they can practise ethically.

Not just this, but other elements are also necessary for ethical practice, like sensitivity & receptiveness to moral matters, commitment to do good & willingness to enter into a relationship with someone who needs care.

The working environment also affects or influences the nurses to uphold the ethics of their practice. With this, dialogue & self – reflection is one of the most important components of ethical nursing. Let’s discuss the importance of a quality environment in the nursing practice. You can also take nursing homework help to learn about it.

Quality of Working Environment

Nurses and their groups always advocate for a quality environment that increases the quality of the working environment. It helps the person who is receiving medical care and also helps in societal outcomes & organizational performance.

Such practice environments have organizational structures & resources which are necessary to ensure the respect & safety of all the people working in the organization. Policymakers and healthcare providers severely influence the ethical practices of individuals. Getting a Nursing assignment help to you understand it better.

With this, dialogue & self-reflection are critical to ethical practices, but unfortunately, they are not enough. Nurses must recognize that they are the agents of healthcare providers, which means they also share the responsibility to do all the work themselves ethically.

How nurses use their ethics to carry out daily interactions, including reflecting on the ethical commitment to the people they serve. To understand this concept much better, you need to seek help from the top nursing homework help.

So, we already understand the importance of a Code of ethics. Now, let’s talk about the Code of Conduct for nurses.

Code of Conducts for Nurses in Canada

Almost all organizations have Code of conduct rules which ensure safe nursing care for the people. All the nurses working in that particular organization are accountable to this Code of Conduct.

Such a Code of Conduct has six principles: 

  • Nurses have to protect the dignity of patients & manage them as individuals.
  • They should work cooperatively to promote their well-being.
  • They also conserve trust by providing competent & safe care. You must build a better relationship with the patient with confidence.
  • All the nurses work politely with other professionals to meet the needs of patients.
  • They also act with integrity to continue the patients’ trust.
  • They help in continuing the confidence of the nursing profession.

All these are essential codes of Conduct for nurses in Canada. To know more, you have to take nursing assignment help.

A set of messages supports each statement here. These statements or principles help define the values of nurses to fulfil their obligations that are needed in their profession.

NoteThe word Patient includes individuals, groups, families, communities & populations.

Boundaries of Code of Conduct

These are the places where the relations change from professional & therapeutic to unprofessional & personal. In therapeutic, the needs of patients are always put first. On the other hand, crossing a boundary is happen when a nurse misapply their power & trust to meet their personal needs or behaves in an unprofessional manner with the patient. Get the best Nursing assignment help to know more about it.

It can be intentional as well as unintentional. Nurses in any organisation should work with other nurses & consistently apply their knowledge & skills to provide ethical and safe nursing practice.

Any information regarding physical & mental health, including the health information of a particular family, needs to be protected. There are websites & communication tools that should be used effectively; through these, nurses can share their valuable articles, and content and interact with them.

All the information passed there should be protected as it can severely affect the privacy of a particular patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of Nurses get Paid the most?

Ans – Certified registered nurses are among the highest-paid nursing specialities among all nurses. Get Nursing Assignment Help for such insights.

Q2. Is being a Registered Nurse hard?

Ans – It can sometimes be challenging; registered nurses have busy schedules due to their shift hours. It is hard for many, but it is also one of the most rewarding careers.

Q3. What are the different types of Registered Nurses?

Ans – They can be classified as –

  • Degree: Bachelor & Associate or a Bachelor of Sciences degree in nursing.
  • Speciality: Intensive care, emergency room, oncology, telemetry etc.
  • Setting: Clinics, Schools, Medical sales, Insurance companies, Universities and research labs etc.

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