Best Formulas for Getting High Grades in Maths Exam


Best Formulas for Getting High Grades in Maths Exam

Every student in college wants high grades on their mathematical Exam. But do you know how to get good grades in the mathematics exam? If not, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss many strategies to help you get high rates in your mathematics exam & assignment. Students also take Maths Homework Help for achieving this goal.

Common Formulas & theorem in Vectors

There are some formulas which are used across the mathematics discipline. With this, some topics are essential from the assignment or exam point of view. For example, derivatives in the calculus topic are applied in mechanics and vectors for finding the acceleration & velocity.

There are many types of calculus courses at the university/College level. In some universities, student have to do at least four methods, which also depend upon the degree or diploma they are pursuing in college. Here are some fundamental theorems you must use for Homework Help in Canada.

  • Cauchy – Schwarz Theorem: |U . V| ≤ ||V|| ||U||

The dot represents the multiplication & U, and V represents the vector. So we can say that the dot multiplication of two vectors equals the product of their magnitude.

  • Theorem of Rank- Nullity – dim(Nul(A)) + Rank(A) =n

Here A shows the multiplication of M & N. The vector A here is Null or zero. Seek the best Homework Help to know more about it.

  • The Theorem of Gradient

∫Δf.ds = f(h)-f(k), where h & K represent the Integration Limit.

  • Stokes Theorem (CF. ds= ∫∫S curl F.ds)

Here C is the boundary to the Surface S.

  • Green’s Theorem

∫CF. ds= ∫∫D (∂F2/∂x _∂F1/∂y)dA – It connects the double integral with a boundary.

  • Divergence Theorem

∫∫S F. ds = ∫∫∫Y – S represents the average vector here, which also points to the exterior of the vector field. Y represents the expansion of the total fluid. Seek the best Maths Homework Help to know more about it.

With the above theorems, study all the formulae given below:

  • Linear Transformation: L (U + V) = L(U) + L(V). Note that L(U) = CL(U), where C is any number.
  • Linear Independence: Vectors V1+V2+V3 etc., are independent if none is expressed as a linear combination of others.
  • A1v1 + A2V+……….+ AnVn = A1 = A2………AN is nearly dependent because they have non-zero solutions. Seek the best Homework Help to know more about it.


For the operations of Matrices, the following theorems & formulas are fundamental:

  • Symmetric matrices have all the eigenvalues and are donated by [A=AT].
  • Write your matrix from a quadratic equation after writing the x2 coefficients & also distribute the other terms.
  • Invertible theorem, to find the only solutions of the matrices, we require the knowledge of inverse & it also helps you to solve the unknown elements. The A-1 donates the inverse of matrix A.

Theorem: if S has different eigenvalues, then B is slanted, but the opposite is never true. Note that the matrix always has a slanted, even if it is not.

How to diagonalise: To find the eigenvalues, calculate the det(A – lambda1) and then find the roots. To get the eigenvectors, find a basis for Nul(A – lambd1) for every lambda, which you will do by zeroing. To understand it better, seek the top Maths Homework Help to know more about it.

  • Rational Roots: Here, the leading coefficient should be multiplied by the fraction’s denominator while the constant term is divisible by the numerator.

Differential Equations

For solving the differential equations, the following theorem & formulas are fundamental from the assignment point of view.

Homogeneous Solutions: During solving the auxiliary equation, replace it with the polynomial. After that, find the zeros using the rational roots theorem & long division. For the non-homogeneous equations, you can use the undetermined coefficients to solve them quickly.

There are other formulates & theorems that can be very helpful for this purpose, like systems & partial differential equations. To know more about it, get the best maths homework help to learn more about it.

Now, after learning all the concepts, there are some guidelines which you have to follow to get high grades in the mathematics homework/exam.

Other Tips:

1. Strategies & Time Management

It is essential to understand the syllabus and what you’ve been taught and give answers according to them. There is a difference between revising the notes after the class and for the Exam.

Preparing for an exam requires focus which help you solve the tough mathematics questions. During the exam writing, you should focus on how to solve every question as soon as possible. Well, the more time you give to the Exam, the better result you will get.

You also have divided the work according to different chapters & topics. If you were given a mark distributed in the Exam, then you can strategize the work accordingly. Seek the best homework help to know more about it.

2. Practise with Different Mock Tests

Many students need to give mock tests, which is necessary for great learning. Mock tests open the possibilities of many multiple-choice questions, and there are other benefits.

There are a minimal number of questions which gives you equal challenge, and you will find almost different topics or questions in your mock test or paper. Of course, you will find various questions everywhere, but you will get additional questions also which help you to secure high grades. Get the best maths homework help to know more about it.

3. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is going to affect everybody & everyone, and it determines how far you will go. Whenever you were given a mathematics assignment, first focus on mental health. You can do it by taking care of your health, social work, and some hobbies that will make you relax.

By preparing for the Exam, you also prepare the mind. Sitting in front of a maths book & practising different types of mathematics questions will help your mind be productive & efficient.

However, it can cause stress as well as exhaustion. So you must engage in activities which make you healthy and refreshed. Eating good food and staying fit always help you in your preparation. Get the best maths homework help to know more about it.

4. Different Strategies to follow during the Exam

There are a lot of strategies which you can follow for a good performance in the Exam. Some of them are given below:

  • First, read all the questions which are given in the exam paper. After that, make notes of all the formulas you will use in your mathematics exam.
  • During the Exam, finish the easy questions first, it will boost your confidence, and now you can solve your problems much more efficiently & faster.
  • If you are stuck with one question, leave it for some time and proceed to the other. Try to allocate time for every question, which may waste your time.
  • After finishing some questions, use relaxation techniques like deep breathing and light stretching to refresh your mood & mind.
  • At last, remember, the less you become anxious, the more clarity you will get to work through your question. With this, you can also take advice from the experts of homework help platforms.

5. Write down all the notes during your lecture

Rather than capture all the notes, focus on the lecture that will help you during your studies. You cannot note everything said in the class, but add as much as possible.

Teachers can also take a lot of time to solve the problem on the blackboard, which is why you must read all the material first before attending the following lecture. Always read all the material before sitting for the mathematics exam.

Ask questions during the lecture if you need clarification in any given step. If you still have doubts, then ask for the top Maths homework help in Canada.

6. Develop strong studying Habits’

You can study a maths discipline just before the Exam. To understand the concept, first read it and then solve different types of questions on them. Spend some time every day with this habit and review all your notes daily. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Some experts recommend a 3-hour of practice question after attending one hour class. This is an effective way to revise all things.
  • Revise it the next day to remember it for a longer duration.
  • Get help from top maths homework help in Canada for this.

So, all these steps help you to get high grades in mathematics homework. If you want assistance, take it from the Assignment Help Lite Platform. They have already helped many students in Canada, and they also write assignments for them. In their services, they provide one-to-one live guided sessions, 24/7 availability of experts, Online tutoring, Academic Writing Training and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Applied and Pure Mathematics?

Pure mathematics is a type of mathematics which uses the unique formulations of many concepts & also a rigorous justification of their result. On the other hand, applied mathematics uses different types of mathematical tools that help solve particular solutions and invent new tools.

2. Tell us the different Branches of mathematics Discipline

There are three areas of applied mathematics: Statistics, Optimization & Differential equations. These have different sub-branches also…

3. What Jobs Can I Get After Studying Applied Mathematics?

Applied mathematicians can work in software development, industrial research & development centres, education departments, government agencies, etc.

4. What is the highest paying job which involves maths?

The highest-paying job in the field of mathematics is software development, data scientist as well as, quantitative analysis etc. Get the top Maths Homework Help to know more about it.

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