Skin Cancer Causes, Prevention and Treatments


All about Skin Cancer: Causes, Treatments and Prevention

The nursing field is highly popular among professionals in the medical world. Among important nursing topics, skin cancer is probably an important one. We will address this serious issue caused by humans and how the nursing field can enhance the prevention and treatment of this disease. Skin cancer is probably one of the most crucial subjects of inquiry in the nursing world, and that is why many institutes include this topic in their coursework. Students who need assistance with their assignments can get in touch with nursing assignment help experts from the medical field.

Causes of Skin Cancer

The proximate cause of this disease has been associated with overexposure to sunlight, especially when it causes sunburn and blistering. The harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, which leads to the formation of aberrant cells, further divides quickly and erratically to produce a mass of cancer cells.

For several individuals, work hazards in labour conditions might cause skin cancer. Frequent skin contact with certain substances, such as tar and coal, is another factor in the development of skin cancer. Therefore, Holmes (2013) suggests that this disease should be recognized as a menace to changes occurring in climate conditions and interventions to be brought in the labour working conditions. This way, functional changes can be brought about to dismiss the cause of this life-taking disease.

For nurses, skin cancer in patients requires careful avoidance of sunlight overexposure, and nurses should take the appropriate steps in order to prevent patients from getting direct exposure to light. To learn more about essential nursing interventions, students should take advice from Assignment Help Lite’s nursing homework help.

Treatment of Skin Cancer

The treatment of this disease is affected by the cancer stage in the patient. Skin cancer can be diagnosed in stages ranging from 0 to IV. The greater the population, the greater the spread of the disease.

If the cancer is little and restricted to the patient’s skin surface alone, a biopsy may occasionally be able to remove all the cancerous tissue altogether. Other typical therapies for skin cancer, whether used alone or in conjunction, are:


Liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy to freeze skin cancer. Afterward, the dead cells slough off. This technique can be used to treat tiny, early malignancies confined to the top layer of the skin as well as precancerous skin lesions known as actinic keratoses.

Excisional procedures

In order to ensure that all cancer has been eliminated during surgery, the tumor and some healthy skin around it are removed.

Mohs Surgery

With this method, the tumor’s visible, elevated portion is first removed. A tiny layer of skin cancer cells is then removed by your surgeon using a knife, and the layer is immediately studied under a microscope following removal. The removal of additional layers of tissue continues until no more cancer cells are visible under the microscope, one layer of tissue at a time.

Immunotherapy, as well as Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy employs drugs to eradicate cancer cells. If the cancer is contained to the top layer of your skin, topical Chemotherapy can be used. If the disease has spread to other regions of your body, anticancer drugs can be given to you orally or intravenously. Immunotherapy employs the immune system of your own body to eliminate cancer cells.

Radiation Treatment

Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses radiation (powerful energy beams) to kill or stop cancer cells’ division and growth.

A Photodynamic Treatment

In this treatment, Medication is applied to your skin, and a blue or red fluorescent light activates it. Photodynamic therapy kills malignant cells while protecting healthy cells. Get in touch with our nursing assignment help experts to know more about this.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer may typically be avoided. The best form of defense is to stay out of the sun and prevent sunburns. Your skin is harmed by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun; over time, this damage may result in skin cancer.

Among the ways to prevent skin cancers are:

  • Make use of broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Broad-spectrum sunscreens offer UV-B and UV-A protection. Before going outside, apply sunscreen 30 minutes in advance. Even on overcast days and during the winter, always use sunscreen.
  • You can keep your ears and face safe and put on hats with wide brims.
  • Protect the arms and legs, and put on long-sleeved shirts and pants. Search for attire with a label for ultraviolet protection factor for added security.
  • Take care of the eyes by wearing sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that are UV-B and UV-A rays-blocking.
  • Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen.
  • Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., stay out of the sun.
  • Skip the tanning bed. Use a spray-on tanning product to achieve a tanned appearance.
  • Examine the skin on your body and head for any skin growths that have changed in size, shape, or colour, as well as for the appearance of any new spots.
  • Don’t forget to inspect your scalp, ears, hands, feet, between your toes, genital region, and the space between your buttocks. Use reflections and even photos to document the evolution of your skin over time. Schedule a consultation with your dermatologist if a mole or other skin lesion changes.

You should schedule an appointment with your healthcare practitioner and show them any skin lesions or moles that are worrying you. They will examine your skin and might suggest that you visit a dermatologist so that the lesion can be further assessed.

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