Understanding the Concept of Market Mix


 Understanding the Concept of Market Mix

Putting the right product at the right place comes under the marketing. Though it sounds like an easy proposition, it takes a lot of hard work & research. Even if one thing is a mission, the whole marking strategy will fail. That is why a lot of work-ethics & research is needed and the professor gives assignments to the students.

Due to all these reasons, students always need marketing assignment help, also they do not know how to complete the work before the given deadline. If you also got such an assignment, go throw this blog post where we will discuss many things related to the market mix.

What is Market Mix?

It is a collection of different actions used by the organisation to sell their product in the market. It is named like this, because it consists of four elements that are combined in order to produce positive results.

It is also an excellent way which ensures that we are putting the right product at the right place. It is also an important tool what the service or product has offered & how a successful product is launched. Commonly there are 4 P’s of marketing which are mostly used. These 4 P’s are well defined by the experts of marketing homework help here comfortably.

1. Product

The need of a product is to satisfy the client and desire and also meet an intangible service or good. All the goods have the right product or life cycle & marketers are aware of these things. They also try to define seven other difficulties.

Understanding all these issues help them to address all the problems as well. Additionally it also helps in finding the potential customers as well as other things. For more information, seek the best marketing assignment help to know more about it.

2. Price

The price is the total amount of money which the end user has to pay. The price of the product has a direct implication on the product’s sale. This is also related to the product’s value rather than the total objective of the costing. The total price of the product is directly proportional to the total number of sales.

If the value is higher no one is going to buy the product and if the value is less, then there are greater chances that a lot of sales are going to happen. For more information, seek the best marketing assignment help to know more about it.

3. Promotion

In the promotion world, all the communication, tactics & strategies come. Some of its examples are: sales promotion, special deals, as well as public relations. It does not matter which channel you are following, the end goal is to sell the product. Also it is important to find the difference between the promotion and marketing.

4. Places

Place is the manner in which product or service is given or delivered to the customer. It also influences the number of sales in the business. The placement strategy helps in finding or determining the right channel or the product or service.

The end user’s should also support the overall strategy of the product as well as service. Seek the best marketing assignment help to know more about it.

So, all these are the 4 P’s of marketing. Now we will try to understand its history.

History of Marketing Mix

Neil Borden published an article in 1964, “the concept of the marketing mix” and suddenly gained popularity. He discusses how the culliton’s description of the marketing mix helped him to coin the phrase. In this writing, he writes all the components in great detail like price, planning, distribution, packaging, price, selling and even promotions.


James Mccarty organised all the components into the four categories which later known as 4ps of the marketing. All these components work together to create the proper marketing plan and strategy, for getting the deep knowledge related to it, seek the best Marketing Assignment Help to know more about it.

Key features of the Marketing Mix

The 4P’s are always formed & organised by various experts over the years to ensure a good marketing strategy. The use of this method is used to satisfy the seller as well as customer.

1. Interdependent Variables

These marketing mixes are made up of the four unique variables. These are interdependent & should be done in such a way that all the action plans work with each other.

2. Help in achieving the targets

By using these variables, the company can reach its marketing goals easily like profits, total sales.

  1. Flexible

Marketing mix is always a flexible concept, and always focuses on one variable which can increase as well. Due to the unknown condition of the market, these variables can decrease and increase as well. All you have to do is full-fill the total requirement of the goods or services. Seek the best marketing homework help to know more about it.

4. Constant monitoring and role of manager

It is important to keep an eye on the viral trends as well as requirements. It is very important to ensure that the elements in the marketing mix stay updated as well as relevant. This role of marketing manager also plays an important role in the marketing mix. This means that the marketing manager is responsible for achieving the desired results.

5. Customer is the focal Point

The main feature of this is that customers are the main thing in this activity. The value of its product is also determined by the customer perceptions & the goal is also satisfied by the loyal customer. This can also show that you are going to create the value for the marketing mix.

So, all these are new features of the marketing mix. Now, if the professor gives you an assignment on this topic & you need any kind of help then go for the best assignment help platform which is Assignments help lite platform. It is considered one of the best Marketing Homework Help in all over Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main objective of the marketing mix?

It is the set of tactical marketing tools which the company used to produce satisfied results from the target market. Here all the things come from which company used to influence the market. It is also a type of tool which companies are using for planning & execution.

  1. What is the main priority in the marketing mix?

Price is the main priority in the marketing mix.

  1. What type of questions is asked in the marketing mix?


Some of the questions that are asked in the marketing mix are:

  • Why does the customer want my product or service?
  • What advantages does it provide?
  • What requirements does it meet?
  • Where is my product going to be used?
  • What are the different characteristics of our product or service?
  1. Tell me the most basic questions in marketing research?

Who is the ideal client for us?

What do they find difficult?

What actually DOES your ideal consumer WANT?

What distinguishes you from your rivals?

Who is currently making purchases from us?

Why aren’t more people making purchases from us?

Who may make purchases from us in the future?

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